Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Double Sized Shadows!

Well, after a mistake from one of our suppliers, we've decided to do something we've never done before! We're offering double sized shadows from now thru Jan 15! Same low price as always, but now DOUBLE the shadow! Perfect for pros, or anyone who LOVES a specific colour!
Elle's picks? Antiquity, Sepia, Nightshade and Moonspell! I use them constantly, and they're staples for the perfect face!
We're working hard to get through our Christmas rush! We thank you so much for your patience during, and we hope you've had a fabulous holiday season!
Don't forget, the club kit is limited edition and only available now thru Jan. 15!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hologlow ~ Special Effect Pigments by Spell Cosmetics

Hologlow by Spell Cosmetics was launched in early spring of 2009, as a result of using the prototypes on the models for an event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. We wanted to be able to create special effects that looked foiled and luminous. Unlike our Loaded Collection, which offers high colour payoff & density, we wanted to create an ethereal "butterfly wing" effect on the models to evoke a transistional colouration that shifts in intesity depending on lighting and the direction you view it. Many companies have duochromes available, but Spell Cosmetics is the first company to specially treat their formulation so that these tiny particles stick down instead of just float away. These can be used wet also for high impact luminosity. Available in Moonlit, Blacklight, Embers, Halo, & Absinthe.
For a limited time, Spell Cosmetics is offering this collection at a special savings, along with 2 complimentary shadows for adding versatility to these colours: Use Black underneath to intesify the effect, or Moonspell underneath for a shimmering suggestion of colour.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New ~ The Icicle Pink Collection

Who can resist looking the soft look of shimmering iced pinks? The number 1 requested look of the season, now bundled in a new collection by Spell Cosmetics. 3 Shadow, including Virgin, Triple Strand & Drama; Obvious Lip Gloss in our latest shade GroupieGlam, and our all over creme illuminator, Illuminade in Sugarspun Pink!
This special collection is a savings of almost half of the MSRP...All 5 selections for $24.99!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Spell Cosmetics Friday Night Favorites!

We all need a fabulous Friday night look, so we've listed one of our favorite combo for creating a smoking, sultry glow!
Elle's favorite way to lay this out is to begin with Nightshade, creating the outline of the shape of the eye with a small dome brush....think of this like creating outines you see in a colouring book. Use Nightshade in the crease, smoking your way into the outer v, and underneath and into the lower lash line.
With a small Fluff brush, apply Antiquity on the lid. Use a wet liner brush with Antiquity to illuminate the inner corners, both upper and lower.
With a Large Fluff brush, stroke Holowglow Halo from the crease into the brow bone. For extra highlight effect consider a stroke on the outer upper brow area. Use a small dome brush to work some Halo underneath the Nightshade, for added dimension and light reflection.
Dust Goddess Glow along Cheekbones and finish with Gold Drenched Gloss.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Get off to a Great Start!

Everyone loves Spell Cosmetics colour selections, but how can everyone achieve amazing results? We know that not everyone out there has perfect skin, including models, so we take a few extra steps to give the illusion of a flawless face. Here's 3 quick and easy steps to preparing your face for all day gorgeousness!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spell Look #9, Model: Annie

For this shoot with photographer Michelle Leigh, we wanted to create a dewy "Goddess" style for our model Annie, picking up the tones from the landscape around us.

Face: We "cocktailed" the face by mixing Under My Spell Face Primer with our Harmony Foundation in Medium, to create a velvety, blendable foundation. Next, we again mixed Under My Spell Face Primer with Soft Focus Blush in Warm. We used Candlelit Glow to high light the tops of the cheekbones.

Eyes: We wanted to play with greens, so our palette included: Citron (inner corners, upper and lower...), Hunt Club Velvet Matte Shadow in the crease through the outer V, highlighting with Halo Hologlow Shadow into the brow bone.

Lips: St. Tropez Bronze Baciare Lip Creme

Get the look, www.spellcosmetics.com!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monthly Thank you! Feature!

Thank you Rae!! Rae4osu on youtube. Rae, regan. We all know her! She is that famous youtube/twitter/blog cosmetic guru that just brings a bit of fun, laughter and all around great time to all that know her. This month our feature is Regan. We are so very proud to have her as our friend. Now, why her as the feature? Well, most don't know it but Rae was our very first contact years ago through Spell. She was our very first Youtube subscriber and supporter.
Its been years now and she has never left our side. Always to to comment on our video's, always to re-twitter our sales and specials. But most of all--Rae has been our friend. That means more to us than anything else and we would never forget! So, thank you Regan, just for being our friend. This month is yours! Go visit her sites on Youtube, Twitter and her blog--You could never be disappointed!!
All our love, Elle and Gemma

Monday, October 5, 2009

Spell Look #8, Model: Trinity Skye

This look was created to fit with the industrial/architectural needs of the shoot. Working in black & white photography is a fantastic excercise for playing with texture so that you can see how different reflective qualities adjusts the way a camera renders a final image.

Eyes: We've heavily framed Trinity Skye's eyes in VELVET MATTE SHADOW in BLACK (although I did load my brush with a little bit of MAGNETEYEZ PRIMER to make it easier to manipulate the product. VEXED from THE RELOADED COLLECTION was used in the area around the Black to soften the transistion into the the remainder of the face. HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT was used to highlight up into the brow bone.

Face: HARMONY FOUNDATION in DELICATE was used all over. Then we created a soft cheek contour with ZINFANDEL blush under the cheekbones, and SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in ORCHID above & along the bone.

photograph copyright of Crayton Photo

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spell Cosmetics Gets Criminal! FALL '09!

The launch of Spell Cosmetics Autumn 2009 Collection happens tonight 10/01/09, at 8:00 EST.
Colour this amazing is purely criminal...The Jewel Thief Collection, by Spell Cosmetics takes colour where it has never gone before! Revolutionary "de-dusted" pigments reduce falloff during the application process. Our propriety formulation has moisture retention qualities which helps create a smooth finish. The best part? They can be used wet or dry and it doesn't interfere with the consistancy of the pigments! Use wet to create a metallic finish, use dry for lustrous, indulgent colour!
Join us at 8:00 pm EST on BlogTV...we will be discussing this new line, introducing our Creative Design Team, and running special offers while we're on live! Go to: www.blogtv.com/People/spellcosmetics
Photo copyright of Spell Cosmetics Creative Design Team. Model: Tina Grimm.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We've recently rearranged our categories for our shadows on the website, so that finding the finish you're looking for is easier!
In our Velvet Matte shadows, we've added 7 new colours to our line up!
Why Velvet Matte?
Using one matte colour helps "anchor" any look...these are the building blocks for creating depth and staying power. Playing with different textures when creating a look brings some of your favorite shades new dimension. Also, for those of you with "oily lids", Spell Cosmetics Velvet Matte shadows resist breaking down or settling after a few hours of wear. Expect long-stay durability!
We've added 3 colours that we've had as pre-release colours in our Goddess, Enchanted, & Moonspell Collections, PLUS 4 NEW SHADES that are perfect for fall, including: Aubergine, Cordovan, Hunt Club & Indigo!
Don't forget, we're still running our Pick 5 & Shadow Duo's on special!

Spell Look #7, Model: Joanni

This look was done on stage in under 10 minutes! We created a glam/egytian look on Joanni during the Cleveland Women's Show.
Eyes: We created a dark thick liner effect by using BLACK Matte Velvet Shadow & WET & SET MIXING MEDIUM. Then we enhanced that line with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in HALO, and again used it with WET & SET, creating some visual interest in the interior corner. The we used HOLOGLOW SHADOW in HALO with a fluff brush to illuminate the brow & arch areas.
Face: HARMONY FOUNDATION in SABLE was used to even out the complexion.
Lips: We've lightly applied GOLD DRENCHED gloss.
Get ready for our exciting fall launch!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spell Look #6, Model: Aslynn

In this photoshoot, we used complimentary colours from the Loaded & Hologlow Collectins to antagonize the strawberry blonde hues of Aslynn's hair.

Eyes: the inner corner to the center of the eyes was done using COVET on the lid into the crease, & beneath the lower lash line. We highlighted these same sections with HOLOGLOW in ABSINTHE. From the middle of the eye, extended to the outer V, we used LUST on the lid to crease, highlighting with HOLOGLOW in EMBERS. MOCHA DARK & WET & SET mixing medium were used to create a tobacco coloured definition around the upper & lower lash lines.



Get the look at: www.spellcosmetics.com
Photo copyright of Nea Bristol's Studio of Curiosities

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spell Look #5, Model: Ingrid

To create the look for this swimwear/beach shoot, on Model Ingrid, our palette included neutral selections that create a sultry definition to the face while balancing natural lighting.

Eyes: The top lash line was lined with BLACK & WET & SET MIXING MEDIUM. Then, LATTE was used from the lashes up into the brow bone with a large eye fluff brush, and under the lower lashes with a small dome brush. This created a "slip" for MOCHA DARK in the outer v & crease, making blending much easier. MOCHA DARK was worked into the lower lash line from the center point of the eye outward.

Face: HARMONY FOUNDATION in RICH was used to even the complexion, followed with SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in NEUTRAL for facial contouring & under the cheek bones. GODDESS GLOW was used for soft illumination down the bridge of the nose and along the tops of the cheek bones .

Lips: Ingrid's lip colour was custom created with a special lip palette I use on photoshoots. Now, for a limited time, we are giving the PERFECTLY NAKED LIP PALETTE as a FREE GIFT with any order over $30! This 5 well full sized palette is designed for customizing a perfect neutral lip! Each colour has a unique finish & colour payoff, created with natural, petro-free bases.

Photo copyright of DSW Photography

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spell Look #4, Model: Trinity Skye

In this runway look, we've incorporated the colours of Model Trinity Skye's Johnathan Kayne gown. Our Laura Christopher Heat Wave Day was the perfect choice for echoing the teal dupioni fabric, while incorporating the glowing effect of the crystal embellishments.

Eyes: Working the inner corners of the eye with RISING SUN, outward to the middle of the eye, we've switched into SALT WATER, framing the eyes from the top and bottom. We've used WHITE HOT to illuminate the interior section of the brow bone, but gave this an extra jolt of vibrancy by using HOLOGLOW shadow in HALO.

Face: We've evened out Trinity's skin tone with HARMONY FOUNDATION in MEDIUM, and used a subdued blush in TOASTED COCONUT to balance the finished look

Lips: From the HEAT WAVE DAY collection, we have used CORAL SUN.
Right now, the HEAT WAVE DAY COLLECTION is ON SALE thru SUNDAY for only $19.99! This set includes Salt Water, White Hot, and Rising Sun PLUS Coral Sun gloss. Don't forget to add Halo to your cart! http://www.spellcosmetics.com/

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spell Look #3, Model: Rotana

To create this look, we've used a monochromatic palette of Spell Cosmetics purples.
Eyes: The brows were strengthened with MOCHA DARK, and Wet & Set Mixing Medium so they could be "painted" with an angle brush. To create a metallic finish, WISTERIA was used generously from the inner upper lash line, sweeping the lid up into the arch of the brow area & outer V. Continue with Wisteria beneath the lower lashes connecting to the upper section. PASSION was used over this, to create depth in the crease. Highlighting effects in the inner corners was done with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT. The inner section of the bridge of the nose was accentuated with PASSION.
Face: Rotana's richer complexion was neutralized and made paler with the use of HARMONY FOUNDATION in PORCELIN.
SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in COOL was used beneath the cheekbones, highlighted with SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in ORCHID.
Lips: We've "cocktailed" our products to create this lip by using: NIKKICHICK GLOSS, dusted with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT.
Photo copyright of Carol Pham.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spell Look #2, Model: Tina Grimm

From the Cleveland Women's Fashion Show, Model Tina Grimm.
This Old Hollywood glamour look was created with the following Spell Cosmetics products:
Eyes: Champagne was swept across the entire eye area, and used under the lower lash line. Driftwood created a neutral crease, extend throught the outer V area. We used Black & Wet & Set mixing medium to create an elegant from along the upper lash line.
Face: Harmony Foundation in Delicate, Soft Focus Blush in Warm in the hollows of the cheeks, illuminated with Goddess Glow on the tops of the cheekbones & collarbones.
Lips: Caliente' Baciare Lip Creme with Smitten Kitten Gloss over the top.
All products used are available at: www.spellcosmetics.com
Dress by Johnathan Kayne

Monday, September 21, 2009

Spell Look #1, Model: Ciarra

From backstage at the Cleveland Women's Show, Model Ciarra wearing Spell Cosmetics.
Eyes: The lid was created with Vexed from the ReLoaded Collection, softly blended into the crease. From the inner upper corner into the brow bone, Hologlow Embers is our highlight colour. Under the lower lash line, Latte was used to create a soft open eyed look.
Face: Harmony Foundation in Sable was used to even skintone, followed by Soft Focus Neutral Blush under the cheekbone, highlighted with Goddess Glow.
Lips: We've created a soft sheen with Zinfandel Baciare Lip Creme
Purchase the look at www.spellcosmetics.com!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Radiant!

It's no secret that every woman needs a classic "go-to" palette. One that is elegant, and refines what we possess naturally. One that is the perfect day into night option. One that causes others to say, "what looks different about you today"?

The Radiance Collection was created with all of these factors in mind. Designed with Laura Christoper, model/artist, we worked together to develop a classic palette (as shown on model Brianna Rene') that is balanced with neutral soft tones which harmonize with all skin tones.

When our latest In Style magazine arrived, we were immediately in love with the cover shot of a glowing Jennifer Lopez. Striking because of its approachable nature, this is a classic look that every woman can wear.
The Radiance Collection is also specifically formulated with ingredients that have an optical blurring effect on fine lines combined with a light refraction index that makes it perfect for photography & hi-def.
This collection contains: French Vanilla, Pink Coffee, & Brown Sugar shadows, Toasted Coconut blush, & Pink Sand Baciare Lip Creme. For a limited time, You choose a FREE Baciare Lip Creme in Caliente' or Gemma's Kiss, with any purchase of this collection! Caliente' is warm firey coral red, Gemma's Kiss is a cool mysterious red. (like its namesake!) A complete day into night collection!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Bubblegum Princess Pack- NEW RELEASE SALE!

A project we truly enjoyed working on with our friend Elise! AKA- Thebubblegumprincess on youtube. We launched the "Bubblegum Princess Pack" at Midnight last night in the store and are overwhelmed with the response. This photo is one of the first that is coming using the kit so feel free to check back often for more.
Visit the store now to buy the entire kit on sale!!!
Photography by Nea Bristol Photography..

Friday, July 31, 2009

Twilight fans!!!

Thank you TWICON 2009 for having us in the VIP Celebrity Swag Bags!!! We are enormousely honored and proud to be a part of the event!
Included in the Swag were the following items:
1. Spell Eyeshadow in AFTER DARK
2. Spell Eyeshadow in HOLOGLOW MOONLIT
3. Spell Lip Gloss in HALEY'S BITE
4. Spell Lip Plumper in VAMP UP
We loved building them for you and are going to sell the Swag kits all weekend in the store!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comment Us!!!

We have re-started our marketing campaign at Spell. We actually have a publicist now! However, more importantly we have to focus more attention on a broader expansion of our customer base.
So with my background in Marketing, I like to pretend on a daily basis that I'm the "know it all" but in the back of my mind I know--no person really ever knows where to land something--its luck and support of a good product. Our customers know we make a good product for them and that we will strive to take care of them--making this experience fun!.
But what I really want to know from the 158 followers of this blog, the Spell Blog, is: What you guys think!! Where should we go next? What can we do to continue to promote? Where do you want Spell to go? This is your time to help us, give us guidance, feedback and ANY opinion you may have right in the comments! We are seeking your help, at the end of it--you guys are our lifeblood anyway, so why not be inclusive.
We know one way that we are now going and that can be a way to become mutually beneficial. We have our Spell banner links, anyone who requests one and puts it on their blog/site will receive an automatic $5.00 gift certificate for each month it remains up. In addition, add you own code above or below it as a referral and you will receive 5% of each order coming through Spell using your code! At the end of the month, just request a corporate check or credit in the store--YOUR Choice.
Want to be involved, just be registered on the site with us and email us at paul@spellcosmetics.com and request a banner for yourself!!
Thats the start!. Those that have helped get the word out on Spell, we can never thank you enoough, NEVER!!!! But now, your input is required and we will read and look forward to each!!!! Any comment is accepted and appreciated!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


In the spirit of our NEW excitement of being invited to providing the celebrity Swag for the cast members of the film series "Twilight" for Twi-Con 2009, we have decided to share it with you guys and made a last minute decision to put our TOP 10 most viewed products on major sale for 2 days!
As you know our site is brand new!! And shopping is now easier than ever. You can shop with Paypal, or any credit card even without a paypal account---just use the link on the paypal screen that allows non paypal members to shop our store via credit card.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why Spell?

The question in the title bar --ironically is one that most companies would have trouble answering. Fortunately, I can assure you that we do not. 1. Creativity: Elle is a colorist, and the best at it. I have watched people request different colors whether it be for their line --or just for their pleasure. She has knocked these out time and time again. For days on end she develops a certain product for the line. Is it matte? is it Sheer? What is it? But I do know that it is a time consuming process and her work is impacable. Her lab area is about 9 x 9, shelves stocked with mixtures and formulas, Im usually NOT allowed in..lol But she works very very hard ever day and often Im very proud of the work she does and what she accomplishes. Heart and soul literally goes into the creations and the line. Today, I wanted to let her know that I am proud of her, Spell could never be where it is without her! Follow her visions and advice and Yes, jump on the Spell Bandwagon, you will never ever be sorry.
We will continue to produce for you and continue to build new creative lines and products. We are grateful that you shop with us and hopeful you can recognize that we believe in what we do, and we believe in you Elle!!! All my love, Gemma, your partner!

Monday, July 13, 2009


So if you have been a follower of our blog TV, you likely know that one of us went ona little rant last week about resellers of Spell products. For the life of us, we cant figure out what some people--especially those who are close to us are thinking.

We have alwasy been generous in giving out product, any issue with one, gifts, replacing missing ones based soley on an email with no expectation that are customers should be hassled with returning unopened product or wrong colour etc!.

But we cannot believe what we are seeing, we have just watched Twitter etc and found more of our product for sale at less than half of our price!! OK, we get it, you want to sell it--we cant stop that but don't hack us so much that it actually hurts, esepcially if you've been purchasing at a huge discount. We'd only ever ask that you give us an opportunity to know whats coming. Its a sad day,. Are we being petty, some might think, but like eveytone else--we are just trying to survive as well, it just sucks ......

Saturday, July 11, 2009

FREE this Weekend!!

If you've been considering the "I'm a Spell Girl Kit" This is definitely the weekend to go for it! Included in the kit is the following, Remember: ALL YOUR COLOUR CHOICES!!!!
1. Wet and Set (Mixing Medium)
2. 1 Blush
3. 3 Eyeshadow Colours
4. 1 Lip Gloss
5. 1 Lip Creme
6. 1 Foundation
7. 1 Crown Jewel Liquid Liner
All FULL size! and this weekend we are adding FREE (1 Full Size Gloss in Ellealie's Lullaby, and 1 FREE Shadow in Lullaby)!!!!!
Have Fun---Ends Monday Night!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Enjoy it!!!

We wanted to let everyone know how grateful we are for the positive comments about the Spell Cosmetics ALL NEW Website!!. There are quite a few specials going on as we speak and we have been working to keep up with the orders.

Our customer service is back to where it needed to be and our newest Spell Girl "Jo" has been working the email and phones and assisting with those "lost" emails during the server transfers.

Dont forget to email and ask her for any help you may need. We had a lot of issues during the past month and we have been working so diligently to fix them. Had a lost email?? Write us!! We need to know so we can help!!

Love you all!!!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Back and Better than EVER!!

Press Release

Finally, the Launch of the new Spell Website and store!!!

For the past three weeks we have endured what has been our most trying time. We have lost entire sections of emails, have had orders disappear, have had customers going literally crazy and rightfully so. Never, in our wildest dreams did we envision that having a new website could possibly be riddled with so much stress. But we remained committed to going to the next level and bringing a fresh, fun, interactive site to all of you!

So today, the new Spell site launched. We now begin the process of serving those that have been struggling to achieve the customer service you had become accustomed to. Thos who have emailed and not received a response, do so again now, we are going to make sure you are well taken care of and are so grateful of the patience you have shown. We never thought when Spell was created that we would have to show growing pains, but we just did. Now, its back to the focus on you.

There are new products, new interactive features, chat rooms--everything to make it just more fun!!! Everyone re-registering a new will be receiving a coupon this weekend, and we ask sincerely for your feedback.

A Very Special thank you goes out to Paul. Your dedication to the web design and long overnight hours has not gone unnoticed--you are a true professional and the hardest worker we know. Both Elle and I are humbly grateful for putting up with us and for what you have done.

So much more to come---But go check us out!! www.spellcosmetics.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Now on Sale is the entire Laura Christopher Collection by Spell! We have reduced the retail price on each item by 20%, so if you are a VIP----Its 45% off for you guys through Saturday June 20th!!! Have Fun!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dear Spell: Where have you been?

Answer: Well, you know when we disappear from our daily interaction that we are usually up to something!! So some updates for all of you are in order! First, we are in production for a brand new website and store to be launched on July 1st (Scheduled date). Its been a long time coming but we could no longer maintain ours in its current form. In order to complete that process -so many things have to happen that its slightly overwhelming.

The orders come first, and when they do, it definitely keeps us on a non stop schedule. But this weekend we have launched several new collections that we think are perfect to continue the summer trends. In addition, now is the time to get involved in the LAST CHANCE SPECIALS page. These are items that will be discontinued as they sell out. Click below to check out that Catagory and look for more updates here over the next few days!!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye to You..........

NO!! Not Spell!!! but we are saying goodbye to something!! Goodbye to SIFTERS! We're no longer in the business of selling 5 grams jars worth of our product. Now, we can get 6 in there. Sifters are complicated. The overwhleming majority of people remove them. BUT, there is a product out there called airfoam sealers. These sealers actually stay within the cap and secure down on top of the product lid. We have discovered by using them that you can get the extra gram in. They are heavy duty and will reseal each time. Our jar supplier now is wholly different and the jars themselves are bigger. NO, we will not be raing the price..lol Thats what you were thinking.

You'll notice the change over and many of you who have ordered already received them. The feedback is definitely welcome. Its your hard earned money---Get the 6 grams for it!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it raining?

Well, we had 247 requests for rainchecks this weekend. That must be a new record. It seems that the combination of new product launches along with the many cookouts left some out of the contest and free giveaways!

So, if you emailed for the raincheck--Go ahead and order away, the free giveaways on the $20.00 orders will be honored as will the entry into the "Create your own shadow and gloss" contest, you will not be excluded!

This will be open through sunday may 31st.. All week, and will be valid for everyone--even if you ordered and want to re-order to be entered multiple times!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to SUMMER!!!!!!!

An accidental leak into the blogtv crowd is all it sometimes takes!!! Scheduled for July 4th Weekend, but polled in last night's episode, we were forced to drop it early.

Never Orange, never streaking, this all over and safe liquid bronzer is something we hope we become your new "Must Have" addition.

Its now a stand alone product or an add on to the Laura Christopher Heat Wave Kits!!! So go ahead--CLICK IT!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Contest Details!

If you are a Youtube follower of ours, you heard about this weekends Contest and Free Gift giveaways at Spell. If you are not a follower on youtube then here are the details for you!!

1. All orders of $20.00 will receive a FREE eyeshadow, (Your choice) and a FREE Mini gloss(Your Choice). The colours can be added to the "Comments for Spell" section of your order form

2. In addition, Every order will be entered into a random drawing, the winner will receive a mini contract to work with Spell and create your own Shadow Colour and Gloss Colour, they will then be added to the online store and sold for the entire summer. You will receive your own commission on the sale of your items.

This Contest runs from Thursday Morning May 21st and ends Monday May 25th at Midnight!

Go have fun, be safe this holiday!

All our love,

Elle and Gemma

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Product Launch!!! Hologlow Shadows

Its about time!!!! The series of Hologlow glosses has now been complimented with the most OUTRAGEOUS! series of Shadows. A trademarked and revolutionary blend of hologrpahic pigments specifically designed to bring optical illusions never before experienced..
Hologlow shadows are for those who desire a special effect shadow that will absolutely be noticed. The series has been now tradmearked by Spell and will be an unduplicatable effect. We will stand by that.
We believe these will be the most sought after series to hit the market and we will place a lot of emphasis on them this year! Is it our last launch of 2009! No, by no means! We still have many surprises in store in the next few months so be forewarned!
Hologlow shadows are water resistant and can be used wet or dry! Water soluable but designed to provide deeper impact with even a tap water wet brush--You will not believe the experience.
Buy the kit of all four and receive the 5th FREE throughout MAY!!!
Have fun, and enjoy! Visit the online store now to view them!!! at www.shop.spellcosmetics.com

Friday, May 8, 2009


Midnight Re-Launch! Obvious Gloss!

The rumors were true. We did repackage all of the glosses! Tonight May 08 2009 at midnight est they will re-lauch in the online store. The packaging design is a retro 20's look, the container is a new eco-sensitive and recycleable glass jar. The applicator is a 1/4" Brush end which allow for more product and more control. The Obvious line will re-launch at $9.99 each. You will now be getting 50% more product in each!
Spell is the leader on this innovative packaging idea. Everyone uses the gloss tubes, we wanted to maintain the unique approach to the line and launch with class!
Now, to the best parts!! Many of you have the Obvious glosses already. We needed to focus on how to replace your product if you desire. So, throughout the month of May, you can replace your glosses and orders at 30% off plus a FREE EYESHADOW FROM ANY COLLECTION! You will receive a special code via email. In order to receive it please send an email titled" Gloss Replacement" to orders@spellcosmetics.com Please provide a previous order number and we will provide you the code.
We are so grateful to all of our customers and hope you will enjoy this "touch of class" that we have added to the Spell Line!

Friday, May 1, 2009

AllthatGlitrz Shadows!!

Working with Elle, (Allthatglitrz21) has been a great pleasure this year. We had all planned a late summer launch of shadows to match the Gloss trio. We surprised her this week with an early launch for her and had so much fun doing it.. The new shadows are similar in consistency to our (Spring Trio) and have been designed with emoillients for adhesion and blending. Long Stay Shimmer and HUGE colour Payoff. I have to give absolute credit to our cosmetic chemist Elle (The Spell one) she worked these into creation for over a month to build them, and now we batch them :) Have fun!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First VIP Member Special of 2009.....

Ok VIP members. Today through Sunday!!!! Have Fun!!! Your VIP is worth 30% off all weekend!!!! If you don't have one you can still get it FREE---just email us at cservice@spellcosmetics.com. It won't go back to 25% until Monday am....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updates for the Spell Shoppers...

Just a few updates today. First, we have gone back and allowed for the sale of the "Spell Deluxe Sample kit" as a stand alone purchase and as an "Add on". Each kit will now include (4) Blushes, (20) Shadows, (3) foundations and (1) MagnetEyez. This kit will sell for the same $15.00 but can be purchased for only $10.00 as an add on to the following: Allthatgliterz Trio, LC Ice Cream Parlour, LC Radiance, Bubblegum Princess Gloss, Spell Girl Kit, Eye Candy Trio, MagnetEyez, Hologlow Kit, Under my Spell Primer. IN ADDITION, you know we finally rocked the new packaging of "Under my Spell" face primer. Its Bigger, Classier, and the best part, the same price as before! drop us your comments to those that have it--We'd love to hear!!!! Ps. (Secret Leak---Is there a Hologlow Eyeshadow kit coming? ----------

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A "Must See" Modification!!!!!

So, Spell Cosmetics has an "all hands" Monday meeting every week. This is where we discuss a multitude of issues, changes, new products, launch dates etc. During this past one, a major valid point was brought up and was so fantastic that everyone jumped on board. The basis of discussion was as follows: So many companies offer pre-built palettes of eyeshadows that you could get lost in the amount of re-sellers out there. We had initially launched our 24 piece box set as a pre-built, but during the meeting were asking ourselves---WHY? So, we modified-quickly! Now, the 24 piece box set is "YOU CHOOSE" We have added a simple drop down menu to this item in the store and are going to step up and build them as they are ordered. You guys choose your own colours, it shouldn't be us! So now, every kit ordered is tailored directly to you!!! We just think its best that the consumer have their say when it comes to an item they desire. How many palette shadows do we NOT use that come in the pre-builts? Get rid of those and make your own call!---PLUS--its way more fun!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Its a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!! Two day event! There are 4 products left in the Gothic Vogue Line, Buy 1 and get one FREE Yes, this is a last chance sale..

Choose 1 of the following:

1. Film Noir
2. Rennaissance
3. Stiletto Lip Palette
4. Patent Lip Palette

In the comments/special instructions of your order, note one of the other three and you will receive it FREE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everything New!

Click it!!!!!!!!

I'm back!!!! Eye Candy Trio Sale!

Its a funny thing! You create something for a holiday (Valentines day) and it takes off.. Well we heard your requests and have added it back to the store!!! Now on sale for a few, more to come!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summer Glow!!!!

With an earlier than desired launch based on request, we have added the series of 4 (Light shifting top coat glosses. Blue's, Red's, Green's and Purple's! Each Hologlow gloss is specifically designed to complete the most eye catching top coat to any existing product on the lips. These summer releases are now available through the online store and expected to be one of the most talked about products in 2009.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just in case....

For all of you who follow our Thursday night Blog TV Episodes, you knew this was coming!! Based on our own travels, events, and what we would be using, we decided on the best possible solution for the storage and trasnport of the 5 gram shadows. Most often our traincases get jam packed with products and end up tossed around. The new "Spell Shadow Box" is a totally cost effective way to organize. The box will hold 24 individual 5 gram rounds OR squares perfectly. You can display them with the bottom label up or cap up as shown. We have these now in the store. One kit comes with 24 Shadows from our shadow kit lines...ie (Cat Eye Trio, Naked Eye, New Day, Sun and Surf..) the other comes empty for those that have an existing shadow stock. Check out the store for full info and drop us a line with any questions!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

By Demand...............

Never have we had a product run as fast as the new Laura Christopher Collections! In addition, never have we had so many requests to combine the collections to sell together! So, today we launched both (Ice Cream Parlour, and Radiance) together and with a huge discount. Individually, the two collections retail with us at $35.00 each. Together, they now sell at $29.00. Don't forget to email request your instant FREE VIP membership before you buy for an additional 25% off!
We think the Laura Christopher line is truly destined to become a high ranking competitor to higher end collections by others and an industry "most talked about"!! We shall see....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We think its easier this way!

As if the sale continues! We've had so many raincheck requests we figured we'd have to leave this out there! Have fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you! and Sale Rainchecks!

We sincerely mean it! This was the most fun we've ever had!! We met so many new people and had so many laughs with all of you. We just can't thank you enough!

But, as you may or may not know, sometimes you just couldn't be there. Therefore, as we do with each sale we are offerring rainchecks through Sunday March 29th! Just simply email us at cservice@spellcosmetics.com and put "raincheck" in the subject. We will email it right away!

So, what next???? We'll by popular demand and consideration by us after seeing some of the touching/funny video submissions in the "I love Spell Cosmetics" Contest, we have decided to turn it into one MEGA CONTEST on our youtube channel! You can enter for a major prize giveaway each month and its going to last 1 full year!! See the details on our channel at www.youtube.com/spellcosmetics.

Back to your shipping!!!!! We adore each of you and will continue to work to keep it fun for everyone!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its 3:00pm EST! and the next Giveaway is on!

Click the link for a video instruction on how to enter. The prize giveaway is the entire "Obvious" Gloss line and The AllthatGlitRz TRIO!!!!!


The Closing Ceremonies! Final Spell Sale Day!

Well we do hope you have been enjoying the fun, games and sale! We have made this weekend all about you guys with so many giveaways! and its NOT OVER YET! Today is the final BIG day!. Stay tuned! We're having a contest on youtube in a few moments, and some more announcements here shortly.
Don't forget to join us again tonight on Blog TV at 9pm EST. We will be having more giveaways for the viewers only!
In the store all day, every 10th order is getting a special gift with their delivery from us. So watch your email to see if you've won!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

12 AM EST Blog TV

We're going again at 12 am! Blog TV! We'll do giveaways throughout the show!


We're Live right Now! On Blog TV


Friday, March 20, 2009

VIP Friends and Family!

Thank you all for coninuing to enjoy some of the games, giveaways, and prizes. We really do hope you are just having fun! We know we are doing that as well!
So here's the next little fun one to last through the sale weekend! For all of you VIP holders, we have opened the codes to transfer. Meaning, your friends, collegues, and family can use your code all year long!
Here's the catch... In order to avoid fraudulent issues, they must place your VIP number in the special instructions along with YOUR first name, this weekend! Obviousely they will want to use the sale code BUT the VIP will last for them. So email away your code! Have fun, Oh, BTW--On Sunday Night, whoever has the most friends with YOUR Code and name from the weekend, You will receive the entire ALL 40 Kit,the Spring Trio and The Laura Christopher Radiance Collection!
More Contests to come tonight!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Contest

You can go directly to Contest Machine and enter! Starting at 1 am EST and ending at Noon. Contest machine will choose a random winner. Enter the last 4 digits of your Spell Invoice Order number and your in!

The Prize: 10 FREE Eyeshadows of your choice!!

Here's the link: http://contestmachine.com/hosted/promotion/BHBJN87881

If you are following our Blog.....

We are a few hours away!! Begining tonight and for 72 Hours we will be focusing our attention on all of you. Look for secret messages here, games, prizes, freebies throughout the weekend! Our youtube subscribers are also being included in our random games! The first prize giveaway happens right at midnight here!! See Below for details! In addition, we want to thank all of you and hope you will have a great time! But if you are those AIG guys, your not invited..lol

Contest #1: Midnight tonight! Please enter your responses in the comments. The first prize giveaway will be a full size "Magnetize Eye Primer". We have submitted the answer to the following question to one of our Youtube friends for verification in case there is a dispute..lol The first one to guess the answer to the following question after midnight EST wins!

QUESTION: What product in the store was born from a Shakespeare play, the three witches used this as their early cosmetics melter???


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Business Ethics 101

So todays lesson, Business Ethics 101. It seems like an innappropriate place to discuss this especially with the Sping Banner above but we have to write this one for sure. So recently it has leaked out that Spell is having their HUGE Spring Sale starting Friday, Ok, I just now acknowledged the truthfulness of that rumor! This is going to be our biggest, most fun sale in our history. Prizes, contests, huge discounts, new products, (Literally 3 days of fun!)
BUT, here now is the major issue. As a corporation, what path do you take with 3 days left prior to a sale. Path 1: Most business models will say--Do nothing, start the sale announcement the day before and let it run. Path 2: Be fair, be open and announce early. We have to take this second path, which is a definite business dilemma and runs counter to industry models. The sale doesnt start until Friday, but what about your customers who are ordering Tuesday through Friday. Come Friday they are going to see a discount drop and will feel a bit slighted. I know, its business etc. But we have to do what we can to avoid that. Therefore, I am going to drop the pre-sale code right here for you. You want your 30% off storewide now? before Friday? Well, if you want to early order then use (presale) in the store. You can return and order other newer items during the sale, but here is a way to get your discount, be fair to everyone, and eliminate that business ethics issue as to what to do when you are this close.
Stay Tuned for more announcements today and a Youtube video tonight as to another major contest by us!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Current Featured Sale Item!

This weeks sale item, AllthatGlitrz (Glitter Gloss Trio)! Created by Elle, (allthatglitters21 on youtube), this has been a new addition specialty collection for the past 2 months. Recently, we have begun selling them as individuals in the store due to popular demand, but the trio is discounted for everyone this week. ($18.00 after VIP discount!!) Click photo to buy!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tweaking the VIP's

So, I have tweaked the VIP specials for March. As you can see, the hints of Spring have been encouraging to us..lol As many of you know, we have been trying to get some items on sale each week and rotate them through. But we are adding something even more fun, more cool, and discounted for March. So, if you are asking yourself any of the following questions, then you fit in.
1. I want to buy the All 40 Shadow Kit: Well, through March you can email us before you buy and we will give you VIP via email in advance. That means the kit becomes $60.00 this month.
2. I want to buy the "Im a Spell Girl Kit": Well, the same rules apply, and the kit now becomes $33.75.
3. Last, but not least: I'd like to buy the "Obvious Gloss Kit" We'll its now going to be $63.75 with the VIP discount.
So, if you are not a VIP and are planning on ordering any of the three above, send us an email to cservice@spellcosmetics.com and tell us. We'll give you VIP in advance of these kits that have included it!
So, once again, we thank you!!!! As always, feel free to email questions, comments and opinions.