Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm a "Spell Girl" Kit

During the past week we have placed quite a focus on defining our "Trend line". With any company, identifying your customer base is important. Its important for product creativity, marketing and geographic focus. But, we have run into a small hitch during our initial analysis. We have discovered that we don't have a dominant age group of buyers, and we don't have a specific "Hot" geographic area. We do know that we have repeat and satisfied customers and we do know that we have a lot of new "healthy" buyers.
So in an effort to continue that focus we have decided to take a chance and release a kit for those first time buyers. Whether you be a younger girl just entering the cosmetics world, a "seasoned veteran" seeking the look without the chemicals-This may be the kit for you. Individually we retail this for about $90.00 but we releasing it at $39.00 Readers want to know what they get! What you do not get are sample sizes, you do not get pre-assembled colors. You get to choose. A 3 shadows collection, foundation, Wet and Set, Liner, Blush, lipstick and lip gloss. PLUS a VIP Card. Everything you need to get started and get started healthy! We have committed to that and since we will be here--maybe its the only cosmetics company you'll have to shop with again. Of course the kit comes in a packaged box with what we call the "bow to show" support for the fight! So check it out in the store---Drop us a line with questions and as always--Thank you!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toss the Veils!

Ok, so we all have used the mineral veils on the market and we end up with either a glitter enhanced product or another foundation repackaged with talc. Well, get rid of them!! We have put together the sexiest two illuminators you will find, and its got a ROCKIN name to boot! "Sexy Places" is a new product by Spell and we created it for everyone. Daring? Go with "Sexy Sparkle" Its the go-go, club mix for the extra and "Noticed" glimmer on the collar bones or face!. Or, tone it down with "Natural Glow"--Give you skin the glow it needs without the sparkle. Both are cretaed again using our (3 Tier system) to work with all complexions and skin colors!
So, lets see.... Sexy Sparkle or Natural Glow?? Hmm... Well, they are both on introductory sale at $8.99 and once again--NO Parabens, No Phthalates, no glitter and no talc!!!!