Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spell Look #7, Model: Joanni

This look was done on stage in under 10 minutes! We created a glam/egytian look on Joanni during the Cleveland Women's Show.
Eyes: We created a dark thick liner effect by using BLACK Matte Velvet Shadow & WET & SET MIXING MEDIUM. Then we enhanced that line with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in HALO, and again used it with WET & SET, creating some visual interest in the interior corner. The we used HOLOGLOW SHADOW in HALO with a fluff brush to illuminate the brow & arch areas.
Face: HARMONY FOUNDATION in SABLE was used to even out the complexion.
Lips: We've lightly applied GOLD DRENCHED gloss.
Get ready for our exciting fall launch!


Dazzledust25 said...

Really pretty, like the Egyptian twist

ShimmerSpell said...

I love this look. I think gold and black on the eyes is perfect!