Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comment Us!!!

We have re-started our marketing campaign at Spell. We actually have a publicist now! However, more importantly we have to focus more attention on a broader expansion of our customer base.
So with my background in Marketing, I like to pretend on a daily basis that I'm the "know it all" but in the back of my mind I know--no person really ever knows where to land something--its luck and support of a good product. Our customers know we make a good product for them and that we will strive to take care of them--making this experience fun!.
But what I really want to know from the 158 followers of this blog, the Spell Blog, is: What you guys think!! Where should we go next? What can we do to continue to promote? Where do you want Spell to go? This is your time to help us, give us guidance, feedback and ANY opinion you may have right in the comments! We are seeking your help, at the end of it--you guys are our lifeblood anyway, so why not be inclusive.
We know one way that we are now going and that can be a way to become mutually beneficial. We have our Spell banner links, anyone who requests one and puts it on their blog/site will receive an automatic $5.00 gift certificate for each month it remains up. In addition, add you own code above or below it as a referral and you will receive 5% of each order coming through Spell using your code! At the end of the month, just request a corporate check or credit in the store--YOUR Choice.
Want to be involved, just be registered on the site with us and email us at and request a banner for yourself!!
Thats the start!. Those that have helped get the word out on Spell, we can never thank you enoough, NEVER!!!! But now, your input is required and we will read and look forward to each!!!! Any comment is accepted and appreciated!


XxPinkTwilightxX said...

I think that Spell has a great following on youtube. I saw a tutorial and I was hooked. I want to see Spell Cosmetices eventually to have either Boutiques in major cities or even be availble in some beauty stores like Ulta, Sephora, or Ricky's NYC. I think that the fanbase is there but there is a need to get more focus to the people that don't go on youtube. There has to be a way to appear to people other than on youtube. Like in magazines or going to makeup conventions like IMATS.

Banner ads are a good way to go and I will proudly have one on my channel,blog,myspace,and etc. Elle and Gemma have both shown how much they care for their products and most of all the customer service is 100% great! I mean if there are any issues they are on top of it and that is great. As a customer I trust them and that is a wonderful bond.

Spell Cosmetics said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aquaheart said...

Im going to agree. I would of loved to see you guys at IMATS and hopefully next year you will be there! and some stores in the future would be a really great venture move.

I love the banner idea! i will for sure have a banner on my blog!! <3

Pretty in Pink said...

I think you should work on emphasizing what your makeup does NOT contain (parabens, bismuth, talc). I read so many blogs with girls complaining that they love mineral makeup but they won't buy it anymore because bismuth oxychloride made them itchy.

Also, Spell Cosmetics needs to become a listing on! It is practically the bible for many cosmetics lovers and it is really important for people to be able to look up reviews before they purchase. You should really try to contact MakeUpAlley to get yourselves added there!!

I hope this helps! I love Spell :)

Pretty in Pink said...

Also, now that I am thinking about it, you could also MakeUpAlley about advertising opportunities.

Spell Cosmetics said...

You guys are rockin this and we're taking note!!! We are grateful--You're all our marketing team now!!!! Welcome to Spell Corporate!!! :)

Spell Cosmetics said...

email: paul@spellcosmetiics to request a banner--after you register on the site!!

jassydevil said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to know how the 'banner distribution' is going? I emailed Paul on 6 August for a banner and haven't heard anything back. I am a registered customer with Spell too, is there something more I need to do to get a banner for my blog? Thanks!