Saturday, March 21, 2009

12 AM EST Blog TV

We're going again at 12 am! Blog TV! We'll do giveaways throughout the show!


We're Live right Now! On Blog TV

Friday, March 20, 2009

VIP Friends and Family!

Thank you all for coninuing to enjoy some of the games, giveaways, and prizes. We really do hope you are just having fun! We know we are doing that as well!
So here's the next little fun one to last through the sale weekend! For all of you VIP holders, we have opened the codes to transfer. Meaning, your friends, collegues, and family can use your code all year long!
Here's the catch... In order to avoid fraudulent issues, they must place your VIP number in the special instructions along with YOUR first name, this weekend! Obviousely they will want to use the sale code BUT the VIP will last for them. So email away your code! Have fun, Oh, BTW--On Sunday Night, whoever has the most friends with YOUR Code and name from the weekend, You will receive the entire ALL 40 Kit,the Spring Trio and The Laura Christopher Radiance Collection!
More Contests to come tonight!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Contest

You can go directly to Contest Machine and enter! Starting at 1 am EST and ending at Noon. Contest machine will choose a random winner. Enter the last 4 digits of your Spell Invoice Order number and your in!

The Prize: 10 FREE Eyeshadows of your choice!!

Here's the link:

If you are following our Blog.....

We are a few hours away!! Begining tonight and for 72 Hours we will be focusing our attention on all of you. Look for secret messages here, games, prizes, freebies throughout the weekend! Our youtube subscribers are also being included in our random games! The first prize giveaway happens right at midnight here!! See Below for details! In addition, we want to thank all of you and hope you will have a great time! But if you are those AIG guys, your not

Contest #1: Midnight tonight! Please enter your responses in the comments. The first prize giveaway will be a full size "Magnetize Eye Primer". We have submitted the answer to the following question to one of our Youtube friends for verification in case there is a The first one to guess the answer to the following question after midnight EST wins!

QUESTION: What product in the store was born from a Shakespeare play, the three witches used this as their early cosmetics melter???


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Business Ethics 101

So todays lesson, Business Ethics 101. It seems like an innappropriate place to discuss this especially with the Sping Banner above but we have to write this one for sure. So recently it has leaked out that Spell is having their HUGE Spring Sale starting Friday, Ok, I just now acknowledged the truthfulness of that rumor! This is going to be our biggest, most fun sale in our history. Prizes, contests, huge discounts, new products, (Literally 3 days of fun!)
BUT, here now is the major issue. As a corporation, what path do you take with 3 days left prior to a sale. Path 1: Most business models will say--Do nothing, start the sale announcement the day before and let it run. Path 2: Be fair, be open and announce early. We have to take this second path, which is a definite business dilemma and runs counter to industry models. The sale doesnt start until Friday, but what about your customers who are ordering Tuesday through Friday. Come Friday they are going to see a discount drop and will feel a bit slighted. I know, its business etc. But we have to do what we can to avoid that. Therefore, I am going to drop the pre-sale code right here for you. You want your 30% off storewide now? before Friday? Well, if you want to early order then use (presale) in the store. You can return and order other newer items during the sale, but here is a way to get your discount, be fair to everyone, and eliminate that business ethics issue as to what to do when you are this close.
Stay Tuned for more announcements today and a Youtube video tonight as to another major contest by us!!