Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Picture Says it all!!!!

We do certainly hope that was the bit of the attention grabber necessary to get our next point across. Its been a month now since we brought in ASHLEY to begin to revamp our customer service. This time, we just said "no rules, make them all happy" Well certainly we think she has made the necessary changes and we hope you've noticed. She's there like the personal shopper for all of you! So no more unanswered emails--well maybe 1 or but assisting everyone like we used to was our most requested comment. No doubt, we made a mistake, we had been known as the customer service company! and then well.....not so much....BUT ...We own it--We changed it---and we're big enough to admit our own faults. So drop her an email every once in a while and just introduce yourself or encourage her, she'll do the same and she WILL be there for you.. attn: Ashley