Friday, July 3, 2009

Back and Better than EVER!!

Press Release

Finally, the Launch of the new Spell Website and store!!!

For the past three weeks we have endured what has been our most trying time. We have lost entire sections of emails, have had orders disappear, have had customers going literally crazy and rightfully so. Never, in our wildest dreams did we envision that having a new website could possibly be riddled with so much stress. But we remained committed to going to the next level and bringing a fresh, fun, interactive site to all of you!

So today, the new Spell site launched. We now begin the process of serving those that have been struggling to achieve the customer service you had become accustomed to. Thos who have emailed and not received a response, do so again now, we are going to make sure you are well taken care of and are so grateful of the patience you have shown. We never thought when Spell was created that we would have to show growing pains, but we just did. Now, its back to the focus on you.

There are new products, new interactive features, chat rooms--everything to make it just more fun!!! Everyone re-registering a new will be receiving a coupon this weekend, and we ask sincerely for your feedback.

A Very Special thank you goes out to Paul. Your dedication to the web design and long overnight hours has not gone unnoticed--you are a true professional and the hardest worker we know. Both Elle and I are humbly grateful for putting up with us and for what you have done.

So much more to come---But go check us out!!