Friday, November 20, 2009

Spell Cosmetics Friday Night Favorites!

We all need a fabulous Friday night look, so we've listed one of our favorite combo for creating a smoking, sultry glow!
Elle's favorite way to lay this out is to begin with Nightshade, creating the outline of the shape of the eye with a small dome brush....think of this like creating outines you see in a colouring book. Use Nightshade in the crease, smoking your way into the outer v, and underneath and into the lower lash line.
With a small Fluff brush, apply Antiquity on the lid. Use a wet liner brush with Antiquity to illuminate the inner corners, both upper and lower.
With a Large Fluff brush, stroke Holowglow Halo from the crease into the brow bone. For extra highlight effect consider a stroke on the outer upper brow area. Use a small dome brush to work some Halo underneath the Nightshade, for added dimension and light reflection.
Dust Goddess Glow along Cheekbones and finish with Gold Drenched Gloss.

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