Monday, June 15, 2009

Dear Spell: Where have you been?

Answer: Well, you know when we disappear from our daily interaction that we are usually up to something!! So some updates for all of you are in order! First, we are in production for a brand new website and store to be launched on July 1st (Scheduled date). Its been a long time coming but we could no longer maintain ours in its current form. In order to complete that process -so many things have to happen that its slightly overwhelming.

The orders come first, and when they do, it definitely keeps us on a non stop schedule. But this weekend we have launched several new collections that we think are perfect to continue the summer trends. In addition, now is the time to get involved in the LAST CHANCE SPECIALS page. These are items that will be discontinued as they sell out. Click below to check out that Catagory and look for more updates here over the next few days!!!



xLRH said...

eeek so exciting,
i love spell cosmetics!

Anonymous said...

Dear Spell: WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! Don't work yourselves to death please!

Hae said...

Dear Elle and Gemma,

Please take care of yourselves. We don't want to lose you. Can't wait to see the new site!! :-) LOL the first three comments are all SGS!!! Love you guys!!!