Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye to You..........

NO!! Not Spell!!! but we are saying goodbye to something!! Goodbye to SIFTERS! We're no longer in the business of selling 5 grams jars worth of our product. Now, we can get 6 in there. Sifters are complicated. The overwhleming majority of people remove them. BUT, there is a product out there called airfoam sealers. These sealers actually stay within the cap and secure down on top of the product lid. We have discovered by using them that you can get the extra gram in. They are heavy duty and will reseal each time. Our jar supplier now is wholly different and the jars themselves are bigger. NO, we will not be raing the Thats what you were thinking.

You'll notice the change over and many of you who have ordered already received them. The feedback is definitely welcome. Its your hard earned money---Get the 6 grams for it!!!!