Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok, we'll release them!!!

The 5 new colors have been in reserve for quite some time as we sampled and tested them. Its obvious--they are loved!! All of you who order the "All 40 kit" already received these but now they are available in the online store--individually as well as an introductory kit price of $20.00 for all 5!! Delve--A darker tone green, Storm Cloud--A Runway trend Grey!---Scene--A club an 80's inspired mix of Hot Pinks, Pinks, Silvers, Vigin--A step of from White! and finally---The new number one requested--"Purple Daze"--- Grey with the coolest undertones of purple to creat a fantastic unique look!
Visit them! and thank you for the input--We do listen!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Friends, New Sites -Take Note

Ok, We are getting caught up, but prior to writing blogs we have to fill orders on our days! So we apologize for being a bit slow on that and Spell will NOT do it again! Today we need to make note of two places to check out.

1. Get the Bean!!! This is the coffee source and we just bought a ton. We've now been able to try them and are overly extatic about the results!!!!!! See our side bar for the link and please check them out!

2. So they started us on the contest kick and have been promoting Spell, we simply cannot--ever thank them enough as to have confidence in us is so appreciated. Check out the link below and Check out the site!! on your blog at