Friday, May 8, 2009


Midnight Re-Launch! Obvious Gloss!

The rumors were true. We did repackage all of the glosses! Tonight May 08 2009 at midnight est they will re-lauch in the online store. The packaging design is a retro 20's look, the container is a new eco-sensitive and recycleable glass jar. The applicator is a 1/4" Brush end which allow for more product and more control. The Obvious line will re-launch at $9.99 each. You will now be getting 50% more product in each!
Spell is the leader on this innovative packaging idea. Everyone uses the gloss tubes, we wanted to maintain the unique approach to the line and launch with class!
Now, to the best parts!! Many of you have the Obvious glosses already. We needed to focus on how to replace your product if you desire. So, throughout the month of May, you can replace your glosses and orders at 30% off plus a FREE EYESHADOW FROM ANY COLLECTION! You will receive a special code via email. In order to receive it please send an email titled" Gloss Replacement" to Please provide a previous order number and we will provide you the code.
We are so grateful to all of our customers and hope you will enjoy this "touch of class" that we have added to the Spell Line!