Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spell Look #3, Model: Rotana

To create this look, we've used a monochromatic palette of Spell Cosmetics purples.
Eyes: The brows were strengthened with MOCHA DARK, and Wet & Set Mixing Medium so they could be "painted" with an angle brush. To create a metallic finish, WISTERIA was used generously from the inner upper lash line, sweeping the lid up into the arch of the brow area & outer V. Continue with Wisteria beneath the lower lashes connecting to the upper section. PASSION was used over this, to create depth in the crease. Highlighting effects in the inner corners was done with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT. The inner section of the bridge of the nose was accentuated with PASSION.
Face: Rotana's richer complexion was neutralized and made paler with the use of HARMONY FOUNDATION in PORCELIN.
SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in COOL was used beneath the cheekbones, highlighted with SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in ORCHID.
Lips: We've "cocktailed" our products to create this lip by using: NIKKICHICK GLOSS, dusted with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT.
Photo copyright of Carol Pham.


Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

The looks Beautiful, sexy and hott

Phyrra said...

Wow, this would make an amazing look for you to sell as a set on your site!

I love the purple :)