Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Contest Details!

If you are a Youtube follower of ours, you heard about this weekends Contest and Free Gift giveaways at Spell. If you are not a follower on youtube then here are the details for you!!

1. All orders of $20.00 will receive a FREE eyeshadow, (Your choice) and a FREE Mini gloss(Your Choice). The colours can be added to the "Comments for Spell" section of your order form

2. In addition, Every order will be entered into a random drawing, the winner will receive a mini contract to work with Spell and create your own Shadow Colour and Gloss Colour, they will then be added to the online store and sold for the entire summer. You will receive your own commission on the sale of your items.

This Contest runs from Thursday Morning May 21st and ends Monday May 25th at Midnight!

Go have fun, be safe this holiday!

All our love,

Elle and Gemma

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Product Launch!!! Hologlow Shadows

Its about time!!!! The series of Hologlow glosses has now been complimented with the most OUTRAGEOUS! series of Shadows. A trademarked and revolutionary blend of hologrpahic pigments specifically designed to bring optical illusions never before experienced..
Hologlow shadows are for those who desire a special effect shadow that will absolutely be noticed. The series has been now tradmearked by Spell and will be an unduplicatable effect. We will stand by that.
We believe these will be the most sought after series to hit the market and we will place a lot of emphasis on them this year! Is it our last launch of 2009! No, by no means! We still have many surprises in store in the next few months so be forewarned!
Hologlow shadows are water resistant and can be used wet or dry! Water soluable but designed to provide deeper impact with even a tap water wet brush--You will not believe the experience.
Buy the kit of all four and receive the 5th FREE throughout MAY!!!
Have fun, and enjoy! Visit the online store now to view them!!! at