Saturday, April 24, 2010

Liner le Creme' by Spell Cosmetics!

Now available in open stock, Liner le Creme' in Blackest by Spell Cosmetics!
Create precise lines that are transfer resistant and waterproof with our compact liner. Specially created to resist "melt" that occurs from traditional liners, and will not dry out like other creme/gel liners. Try it underneath Hologlow ~ the trasformation of exposing the duochrome effects is amazing!
10 grams of dense black cruelty free, paraben free & phthalate free colour!

The Moonlit Garden Collection by Spell Cosmetics!

The light of the silvery moon dances with dew drops of soft, shimmery colour by Spell Cosmetics. Debuting as a 5 piece collection, this cool toned palette creates mystery with: Gazing Globe, a soft stroke of cool illumination radiating blue/violet duchrome; Lavender Lemonade is a complicated blend of lavender luster that is equally balanced with golden glow ; Delphinium Dew is richly saturated with richer-than-periwinkle vibrancy. Silvered Sage takes neutral away from browns & into metallic moss tones. Balance out the look with Fiore di Luna (moonflower) Obvious Lip Gloss, a creamy shimmer of cooled violets diffused with plum & zinfandel duochrome echos.
Special intro price of $19.99!

Tropical Colour! The South Seas Collection!

Colour goes tropical with Spell Cosmetics South Seas Collection! Warm coral tones lend a relaxed glow to the face, with an unexpected seafoam kissed turquoise water accent colour! Our most complicated colours yet, they shift with the light as though they are a natural extension of your face...sheer yet noticable.

From top left to bottom right: High Tide (a turquoise to seafoam duochrome ) Island Flirt (Coral meets Copper) Promenade (a wake-up-your-face midtone coral glow) & Whisper To Me (the most delicate highlight duochrome, moving in the light with gold/champagne tones). We round out the collection with Tropical Romance Obvious Lip Gloss, drenching lips in coral toned shimmer. Special intro pricing at only $19.99!