Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, We are going to have a New Years Day Sale!!! We're doing 20% off storewide (No Minimums required) BUT, we've added extras!!!
1. All Current VIP Holders who shop on that day will get an automatic 2009 subscription on their membership!!!
2. We've hidden some really great deals in the products so be sure to check carefully!
3. All new orders over $50.00 get a FREE VIP Membership
4. All orders ship FREE and orders of $30.00 get auto upgrade to 2 day priority!
5. The Spell "Awards Points" begins--We'll add a point for every 2 that day!

Awards Points for 2009:

* Every $10.00 Spent at Spell in 2009= 2 points! Cash them in anytime or accrue them for even better gifts!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Coming in 2009!

For many of you who have become involved with Spell during the 2007-2008 year, we have some big items coming in 2009! Elle and I continue to build on our foundation of being personally involved with as many of you as possible, we are listening!. So, 2008 is out of the way and we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish. We are committed to giving back again in 2009 and hope those that have joined us will continue to follow our trend.
So, here are some items of note that we can all look forward to:

  • All US orders placed after December 25, 2008 that total +$30.00 will get an automatic shipping upgrade to 2 day priority!
  • All Orders will now accumulate points based on size, we will be implementing a point credit system soon! for gifts, giveaways.
  • All international orders will ship at $10.00 via USPS
  • Customers with their own web stores/sites will be provided FREE link space on our (Rockin Links page).
  • We will be expanding our (commission sales team) interested parties can contact us at careers@spellcosmetics.com
  • We will be making our charitable donations this year to three seperate charities, we have chosen 1. The American Heart Association 2. The American Cancer Society and (the third we will have you all choose in early 2008) so please begin emailing your suggestions.
  • The Spell Games will be changing to once a month.
  • We will be adding a contest for people to sit on our advisory board for a month at a time!
  • (Our Eye Primer) will release in late December/Early Jan--- A naming contest will begin on January 1, 2009.
  • Spell Wet and Set is being re-packaged.
  • "Under my Spell" Full size is being repackaged
  • Some lotion kits will be discontinued
  • We will be creating some "Private Label" lines for a few salons/retailers
  • We will be seeking a celebrity endorsement! (So, if you know one--TELL US!!!!)

So, there are a few updates to begin with!!! Look for new items here all the time. Please write blogfollower in your special instructions with each order so we can provide you a free shadow!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Straight Talk!! and Spell Secrets!

Here's your glimpse, and we will post these every so often to keep people updated, answer questions that we receive a lto and try to give you some inside scoop on Spell. Let's begin with our Straight up "Thank you" to our customers, who have literally become our friends. Know this, we DO NOT exist without you (See later as to how this applies). So here we are this cosmetics company that hits the scene in 2007 and fires up the charts!!
#1: You are nothing without your customers: We aren't and we won't forget that--EVER!. Now, its so cliche' but we have stuck to this, we have committed to our customers and have kept in step. Customer Service is the mainstay of a company--add in that the majority of our shoppers are online and you know you have to step up another level. Many people hesitate--BIG TIME--shopping online--even we do!!! But, if you can show that you are capable of making it an even better experience than at the counter---+1 for you! Thats what we attempt to do each day! So, lets give up a few of our secrets and dicsclosures!
1. Yes, We work 7 days a week! When we are not filling the orders, we are building what we call "Backstock" Our main issue at Spell is to be able to always anticipate orders. With a cosmetics business like ours, you need to spend well in advance of the purchase! So, we build--daily-- This assists us in getting these orders out immediately!
2. Yes, we giveaway products!: Who wouldn't?? We get a ton of critical emails saying "Spell gives away products for reviews" First, we've never charged for those, NOT even shipping! Second, If you know you have a good product-you want it out there. Third: One of us has been in marketing for many years, Uh...don't you want your product on the market??? Finally: We can do what we please..We are the owners!! If we want to give out product--so what.. Its our decision to keep shaking the industry up!!!
3. Orders: Do we ever have issues (Broken items, missing items, wrong items??--YES! Humans do that--especially during crazy times--But when we do--We solve it and usually with some added gift or bonus. The customer didn't do anything wrong, but its on us to make it right. We will go well out of our way to make every sale pleasureable (Sp?)
4. Shipping: We ship as fast as we can. NO, we don't charge for shipping and believ it or not, the rule at Spell is that if the order totals $20.00--it automatically goes 2 day priority. Look at your box--We don't hide the shipping rate! We beleive that right now, most people are paying for product in irritating ecoonomy, really, the last thing we need is to add the extra burden. We can;t say how long we will continue Free Shipping but for now, it stands!
5. Our plans: Well, our number one plan is to put Spell in a psoition to become customer owned! Yes, it is not a traditional business model, but most of you ahve seen us begin that trend. We advise, request and nearly beg for input, from naming to opinions to what products we love and which we hate. Every single individual that has ever written Spell with an opinion, well, we noted it and we use it to become better. The more we can get involved the better!
6. Our Goals: Our 3 year goal from 2007 (So 2010) is to have a popular sales team of 10 people --fully payrolled, 5 Creative team members, and 3 more shipping/receving individuals (Warehouse & production). We are building this team now, and are looking daily for those that simply desire to be involved. Spell is a Full time career for both Elle and I. We don't have other jobs and focus our attention on our people.
So in closing today. We want you to be with us and stay with us. We will do whatever we can to be good people to all of you and give back as we can. All we ever ask is for the honest opinions and creative advice you give, we will NOT let you down!!
Our Love to you! Elle and Gemma

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Product..............s!

Yes, we did!!! We launched the lip plumper!. After of few days of having our of our Youtube friends and fans submit names--We finally had a winner "Vamp Up" by Spell. Same soothing, non tacky, unscented base as our much loved glosses BUT with the added benefits of a couple new ingredients--Yes, Still Paraben Free!! Hyaluronic acid and GHK! Skin soothing and plumping properties!

In addition, we have added the six new lipglosses to our collection and between now and January 1st you may purchase all six together at a discount. Rockin new colours!!!

Whats coming next? We'll were going to blog on the "Behind the scenes" a bit at Spell---our beliefs, marketing strategies, growth over the past two years and why we think by the end of 2009 we will be a highly ranked cosmetics company, that means we can continue to hire and build!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Sale continues!!! and gets better!!!

The Spell Cosmetics annual Holiday continues!!!! and if you ordered, its already shipped with your FREE Gift!!! But, many of you have inquired as to possible RAINCHECKS.. Well, we pondered it and decided, OF COURSE we have to honor that. So, if you traveled this busy holiday and just plain ran out of time--You're in luck! All next week, December 1-5 you can email us at cservice@spellcosmetics.com for a Raincheck on the sale! Our job is to be here for you, our loyal customers and that is what we do! We hope you are enjoying the start of the season and look forward to making it brighter. E andG!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Holiday Sale!!!

Its the Spell Cosmetics Holiday Sale!! No more waiting until Cyber Monday or Standing in line the day after Thanksgiving. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), the Spell Sale starts! 40% off Storewide on all orders of $25.00 or more, and even better if your order totals $20.00 when you checkout, then choose your gift!! You can choose from the "Holiday Gloss Trio" of Silver, Gold and Red--or-- The "Holiday Shadow Trio" of Gold, Deep Green and Holiday Red! The Spell sale this year will run through Monday and Yes! Free Shipping!
So come tomorrow and join us by clicking the photo and shopping away!!! (The Shopping Code to use....is (Holiday)........

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok, we'll release them!!!

The 5 new colors have been in reserve for quite some time as we sampled and tested them. Its obvious--they are loved!! All of you who order the "All 40 kit" already received these but now they are available in the online store--individually as well as an introductory kit price of $20.00 for all 5!! Delve--A darker tone green, Storm Cloud--A Runway trend Grey!---Scene--A club an 80's inspired mix of Hot Pinks, Pinks, Silvers, Vigin--A step of from White! and finally---The new number one requested--"Purple Daze"--- Grey with the coolest undertones of purple to creat a fantastic unique look!
Visit them! and thank you for the input--We do listen!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Friends, New Sites -Take Note

Ok, We are getting caught up, but prior to writing blogs we have to fill orders on our days! So we apologize for being a bit slow on that and Spell will NOT do it again! Today we need to make note of two places to check out.

1. Get the Bean!!! This is the coffee source and we just bought a ton. We've now been able to try them and are overly extatic about the results!!!!!! See our side bar for the link and please check them out!

2. TheStylePage.com: So they started us on the contest kick and have been promoting Spell, we simply cannot--ever thank them enough as to have confidence in us is so appreciated. Check out the link below and Check out the site!!

http://thestylepage.blogspot.com/2008/11/more-than-pretty-face-is-pleased-to.html on your blog at http://spellcosmetics.blogspot.com/2008/11/random-little-contest-for-you.html?


Friday, November 7, 2008

You demanded! We provided (Gloss, gloss, gloss!)

We know how much these have caught on as the new trend! So feel free to have at them! We have added this kit for a major gloss discount! http://shop.spellcosmetics.com/product.sc?categoryId=1&productId=220
Our Glosses sell for $7.99 Each. Now, you can get them for $5.00 each!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pre-Black Friday Sale Midnight tonight through Sunday!

All orders over $20.00 will get a FREE eyeshadow and Mini Gloss of their choice with their order. The mini Gloss is the same tube as our regular gloss, but half/travel size!

Visit: www.spellcosmetics.com

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spell Cosmetics: Now Featured in..."Gothic Vogue Magazine"!

Well, it just keeps rolling on... and when you get publishing credit attached to artistry, you know your products must be of a caliber worthy of others to take that chance. When the owner and lead staff of "Gothic Vogue Magazine" informed us that their makeup artists were going to be using our products in the next issue, we hardly expected a cover credit. The extreme talent of Artist, Leroy Roper would make anyone proud to be associated, and that, WE ARE!. So click the link and visit them, its edgy, creative, beautiful and talented. But we only produce and the talent you see in the final outcome can only be credited to thier makeup artist Tiffany Diamond. You know, you work hard and produce right, and days like today stop you with a reality check that-the path you are on is worthy of those 15 hour days.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Little Contest for you!!

We're giving away a FREE "Im a Spell Girl" Kit! Just Click the link below and on November 26 a random entry will be notified!!


Even More!!

Yes, Re-fillable discounts on "Baciare" by Spell
Paraben Free Lipsticks!

More Salon/Wholesale Discounts coming!

All the new lotions for Display!!

Monday Madness!

Well, we hope everyone had the best Halloween! We know we worked right through, but thats what its all about right? As always our Mondays are hectic with processing and shipping on the Sunday orders, but we're also working on something big and fun! for everyone to be involved in (Hint: Spell Parties) Don't worry, nothing like those old tupperware, love toy/Ill sign you up and make myself some money--pyramids-NO-- Something dramatically different, cool and so fun!! So enjoy this day all our fans and customers!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween. Suprises in all orders Today!!

Today is a fun day at Spell! We all love this holiday and are like kids again!. So today, all orders (Regardless of size) will get a special surpise!!!!! (And its not Candy!!)

Love Us!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"With all my Heart" Launches!!!

If there was one topic/product that we've had certainly a lot of feedback about--Its was this one! About a month ago, we sampled the premise of providing cosmetic gift kits that could be personalized, fun and express mailed to someone. With some of the sites out there offerring flowers by mail, chocolate by mail, even wine by mail, we knew we had to get working on this. So, Instead of this Friday, we launched it today! Currently, you can choose from any of (8) kits and start shipping them immediately. Check out the store under "With all my Heart" for all of the details. Add your own personalized message and start having fun!!! Oh, the best part!!! Ladies, tell your men to study these like a college course, because now THEY can buy for you!!!! (Just click the Photo to start!!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why the Spell Shadows? Trade Secrets?

Today was the beginning of a look toward that holiday rush. We all know its coming and we are preparing for the big sales. This week, for a limited time, we have discounted a shadow kit. Its the "All 40" Kit and we made 40 of them, appropriately to sell. Here's the best: Your only paying $2.00 for each 5 gram container and if your VIP--then only $1.50. These retail for $8.00 each. Now why?? Well, we use better than average product and we have developed a secret to building healthy, longlasting and perfect colors. (No, we can't give that away!) But what we can say is that our shadows will last, they will be the best colors and if you've seen the reviews on them-You will get quality and packed jars.
So whats in them? Well, we use NO fillers (ie. Talc, Cornstarch, Rice Powder) We use NO Parabens! What we do use is Magnesium Stearate(Adhesion/texture), Sericite Mica (Freeflow and non clumping properties), Titanium dioxide (Pigment carrier), Kaolin Clay (Maintains Oil control--Non Drying) and Iron oxides. Its all minerals! Refining, purchasing quality individual products and building perfect colors that won't need applied every hour, Well, thats why Spell! But don't listen to us, ask around, watch the youtube videos and satisfied customers.! Be Healthy-Especially near your most precious gift,Your Eyes!! And GET Paraben Free, without sacraficing quality. (we almost sounded like a commercial here but it was fun)!
Thanks everyone!, now go shop!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Salons, Tech's, Wholesale...Its about Nails!

Yes, that rumor was true!! This past week we added those 23 new colors to our nail line. In addition, we provided some heavy discounts to get everyone involved with nails! Our testimonials from Youtube did truly explode our colors and formulation onto the scene.

So with 41 Color creations to choose from you can't go wrong. Salon owners and nail tech's-We are offerring these discounts to help you as well, so take a look, drop us a line and give them a try!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Inspiring Items today!

Often, we will stumble upon another business, working, donating, making a difference! These businesses truly remind us of "US" So here we stumble upon one that we hope more of you can get behind. We know that you can't always be shopping for cosmetics! So in this case, maybe its time to shop for coffee. Next time you venture through that grocery store and you know you needed more coffee, STOP!!! Think about a purchase here first! You wont be disappointed! Just think, every cup you pour then from now on--Well, you just helped another great cause! Visit them! Here's an article by one of the owners below!.


Why We Care:
Meaghan was a young, healthy vibrant 28 year old attending law school in the winter of 2006. During her second year of classes she began feeling ill. She went to numerous doctors looking for help. Each doctor suggested it was all in Meaghan’s head; maybe she was depressed, mentally ill or over-stressed. Because she had always been healthy and was young the doctors assumed nothing serious could be wrong. Enduring extreme pain, bleeding and exhaustion Meaghan kept returning to her doctors looking for help. Still no one did anything to address any of her health issues. Meaghan’s symptoms became worse with each passing day. No one believed she was ill and so she continued to attend classes and tried to live a normal life. Eventually the pain became unbearable so she drove herself to the ER.
The doctors at the Emergency Room also suggested Meaghan’s pain was all in her head. However, they were required to give a CT scan due to the symptoms she complained of. The CT scan showed Meaghan’s pain was not in her head. She had a large tumor on her cervix. The tumor had grown so large it crushed her ureters causing her kidneys to rip open. In February 2007 Meaghan was finally diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, stage 3b. The same doctors that had told her she was fine were now telling her and her family that Meaghan would not survive this.
Meaghan decided not to give up but rather to fight. After two weeks of hospitalization and blood transfusions Meaghan was flown to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston Massachusetts. Upon arriving the doctors were both amazed and horrified. Amazed at this young woman’s spirit and horrified at the pain she was forced to endure. Teams of doctors attended Meaghan in an effort to diminish her pain and save her life. Meaghan underwent chemo, internal & external radiation as well as numerous surgeries. With only a 20% chance of surviving Meaghan and her doctors fought hard against cancer. In July 2007 she won her battle and was cancer free.
Although she won her fight Meaghan continues to struggle against the secondary effects of her treatments. Cancer has changed her life forever. Meaghan returned to law school and is set to graduate in December 2008.
Without the love, care and attention Meaghan received at Dana Farber Cancer Institute she would not have survived. Because of this Meaghan has dedicated herself to raising awareness and supporting Cancer Institutes. To learn more about Meaghan and her story visit her blog at www.cancerlost.blogspot.com
We at G.T.B understand Meaghan’s story is not unique. There are many men and women fighting battles against cancer. Get The Bean wants to do what we can to help fight cancer. We have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to various cancer charities.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Know the "Pink Sisters"

Inspiring, Yes! Friends, Yes! Those are "Our" Pink Sisters and they are inspiring and they are friends. You can find Raine's Blog in the sidebar. Drop her a line, drop her a comment, subscribe to her blog, or just follow her!. Raine and Theresa, thank you!!! All our love, at Spell..

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Precious Pink" For the CURE!

"Precious Pink" Designed and Inspired by our West Coast Regional Sales Director (Raine) and her cousin Theresa. This gorgeous Pink kit is now working with so many others out there to fight cancer and support the cause!. The entire kit is Paraben/Phthalate Free and 10% of each sale will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Spell. You will adore the pink sugar smell of the lotion as well as the candle, and this one adds in a shimmer lip balm and "Knockout Pink" eyeshadow. Please feel free to contact raine at raine@spellcosmetics.com for more information. The kit can additionally be purchased in the online store! Thank you Raine, Theresa, and all of you who do your part. We are so happy to see companies making the effort and making a difference!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

8 New Gift Kits Released TODAY!

Well, there we go again!! So, its becoming that season, and this year Spell is going to have a ton of gift collections for you and for the Holiday! Today, we are introducing just 8 new kits. Each of these kits are Paraben/Phthalate FREE , of course.. But we've gone the extra step to create the Candle as Phthalate Free as well. Get This.... It has the same scent as the lotions and Bath beads. Check out the individual kits in the store at http://www.shop.spellcosmetics.com/ under Gift Kits, each has something different and something fun! We've made them completely affordable for you and feel free to have us ship them to a friend or relative--just to let them know you were thinking of them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We've upset the Balance!!!

Spell Cosmetics,

Well, Now we've done it! Either Spell Cosmetics has arrived on the scene or we have upset a balance within the cosmetics industry! Within the past couple of days we received an email from someone within one of the "major" players in the cosmetics industry. Upon first glance we suspected that we were being noticed, being recognized. Well, definitely not the case. Our "marketing" individual was only there to let us know that they were going to put us to the test regarding Spell and our line. I'm usually prone to the phrase that any news is good news but I'm not sure this time. Our excitement on that email--from the major name--certainly quickly tempered with despair. For obvious reasons, we can't say the name BUT what we can do is respond back--which we did--believe me!!.lol So since we link our blog in our emails, let them be sure to read this. Know that we will not be pushed around!. Know that our customer service will beat yours EVERY TIME- Because you have forgotten where you came from. Know that we will not be adding the same chemicals to our products as you do. Know that we are PROUD to provide quality, and to request input from our consumers, and finally, know that we will pass you up and not look back as your customers become ours!!! Its the nature of capitalism and we deserve the opportunity to prove ourselves as much as anyone else! So we will continue our contests/draawings, we will continue our FREE giveaways and we will continue to be humbled by each order--we ever receive--Simply, we will not forget where we came from and we will call upon our customers to point it out if we ever do!!!!

So to those that have shopped with Spell, you will receive our gratitude, service and hearts--we aren't afraid to put it out there. For those of you considering shopping with Spell, know that every order of yours is and will always be something personal. We've invested everything we have in Spell, and know that we will always be grateful to what we have accomplished and have YET to accomplish!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm a "Spell Girl" Kit

During the past week we have placed quite a focus on defining our "Trend line". With any company, identifying your customer base is important. Its important for product creativity, marketing and geographic focus. But, we have run into a small hitch during our initial analysis. We have discovered that we don't have a dominant age group of buyers, and we don't have a specific "Hot" geographic area. We do know that we have repeat and satisfied customers and we do know that we have a lot of new "healthy" buyers.
So in an effort to continue that focus we have decided to take a chance and release a kit for those first time buyers. Whether you be a younger girl just entering the cosmetics world, a "seasoned veteran" seeking the look without the chemicals-This may be the kit for you. Individually we retail this for about $90.00 but we releasing it at $39.00 Readers want to know what they get! What you do not get are sample sizes, you do not get pre-assembled colors. You get to choose. A 3 shadows collection, foundation, Wet and Set, Liner, Blush, lipstick and lip gloss. PLUS a VIP Card. Everything you need to get started and get started healthy! We have committed to that and since we will be here--maybe its the only cosmetics company you'll have to shop with again. Of course the kit comes in a packaged box with what we call the "bow to show" support for the fight! So check it out in the store---Drop us a line with questions and as always--Thank you!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toss the Veils!

Ok, so we all have used the mineral veils on the market and we end up with either a glitter enhanced product or another foundation repackaged with talc. Well, get rid of them!! We have put together the sexiest two illuminators you will find, and its got a ROCKIN name to boot! "Sexy Places" is a new product by Spell and we created it for everyone. Daring? Go with "Sexy Sparkle" Its the go-go, club mix for the extra and "Noticed" glimmer on the collar bones or face!. Or, tone it down with "Natural Glow"--Give you skin the glow it needs without the sparkle. Both are cretaed again using our (3 Tier system) to work with all complexions and skin colors!
So, lets see.... Sexy Sparkle or Natural Glow?? Hmm... Well, they are both on introductory sale at $8.99 and once again--NO Parabens, No Phthalates, no glitter and no talc!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We've received a lot of emails lately regarding the products we produce, especially regarding Parabens and Phthalates. So today we will dedicate a blog to the researchers, charities, and people out there advancing the cause.
When Spell was created, there was an inherent struggle and to be frank -temptation- to take an easier production path with the cosmetics line. As many of you know, this has been an industry that Elle has been in for 18 years, her range of knowledge and familiarity with product is obviousely something I personally admire. From a corporate standpoint, we faced a decision to create product on an easy path or to take the necessary time and investment to produce product that would not only be beautiful, but be healthy.
Our research regarding Parabens and Phthalates led us to the decision to formulate with the latter, taking the time and effort to produce our line. Yes, it took much longer and the urge to launch early was difficult to abate. But, instead of taking the easier, less costly road, we chose to focus on longer term benefits to our buying public. Make no mistake, we used to use products ourselves, at home, that did contain the recently researched additives, we did not give the necessary thought to even self protection, until we entered the stream of providing OTHERS with something we created, there-in lay our concerns.
Today, we are proud of ourselves and of others who take an active role in doing their part to help--We are by no means in a celebrity position to make a huge impact yet--But with each new order, we do our part today-and will continue to do so.
So we ask that if you are someone that has moved on from Spell or for some reason weren't completely satisfied (and we know we cannot please everyone), then take a look at some of the others out there that support the similar causes. We would rather lose an order to someone who decides to make a donation to a special cause, then focus on pure profit. We are by no means "heroes", or seeking a fame, we are simply owners of our own company that as we grow can help make a tiny difference.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Its that time again!! Its the Company Anniversary of the
launch of Spell. Spell Cosmetics has shown a sales growth of 300% just within the last year. To us, we believe that this shows
that our quality, our commitment to taking care of you, our ability
to continue to bring you an E-Commerce shopping experience
as close to an "over the counter sale" works. We couldn't have
done it without you and we thank you for that with a 2 day sale.

So upon this anniversary our commitment to you remains. Customer Service and a shopping experience you won't soon forget! Our heartfelt thank you to YOU our Customers and Friends!

VIP 30% off for the Next 2 days on all orders!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Experience "Baciare" by Spell....For a limited time we are offerring 2 Exquisite palette collections featuring 5 Baciare Lip colors and a unique highlighting gloss not offered anywhere on the site!

Check the store today for its release and sale price of $17.99

VIP Members!!!

All VIP members have received increased discounts to 25% off for 1 full year! If you have one already you receive it as well as all new purchasers!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday News!

Several items of interest to note this week at Spell! First, we have made some packaging changes. (Don't worry, we're staying on the pink and black)... But we are now stepping up and shipping products in the Spell Velour pouches. (Classy, Black, some Red!) Very Hot and very cool for your collections.

So, keep us in mind and don't forget to check out the new products and specials! Thank you to our awesome customers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you Bionic Beauty

So, for those of you who don't know it.. Bionic Beauty is a blog we began following a while back. Its packed so full of industry info and tidbit that we follow. But today is a proud day for Bionic owner (Jami) and for Spell as one of her articles gets picked up by REUTERS!!!!!!

So, a huge thank you and an even bigger shout to her and Bionic! we're proud of you!!!

Here's the article...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

All the Sales and Specials!

Whats new at Spell? Well, here is a list of the following specials we currently
have available to you!
  • VIP Membership (Purchase now, receive a FREE Spell Shirt, Free Shipping for 1 full year, samples in each order and a ROCKIN VIP Card!
  • Buy any 3 Liners or Shadows and Receive a FREE Wet and Set
  • NEW Paraben Free Creme Lipstick Line!
  • NEW "Loaded" Intense Shadow Collection!
  • NEW Deluxe Sample Face Kit!
  • Youtube subscriber drawing and giveaways!

GET LOADED with Spell!

The 7, Hottest Colours are now available through Spell. Using OUR 3 Tier system of color impact, design and Long Stay, we bring you impact without that heaviness. YOU demanded it so we're launching it early. Each packed 5 gram jar is only $8.99--or buy the ALL 7 Kit for $45 and
get your very own FREE Wet and Set! Collect
all, get notice and GET LOADED!
Click Photo to view them Live!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spell Special....

Its another New Special! For those who have it

know that Wet and Set is our most popular item.

Now, when you buy any 3 Spell Liners or Shadows, we'll add it to your shipment (Free).

Wet and Set is a high quality medium that will turn any shadow or liner into long stay-Without changing its color properties!

Spell is............

Spell Cosmetics is the product of owners Elle & Gemma. High quality cosmetics with a focus on Paraben free, trendy color lines, and customer interaction. Our dedication has been to serve our consumer public by providing them an online product catalog with the experience of "face to face" retail shopping. Bringing consumers same day Free Shipping, instant access to customer service and seeking YOUR opinion as to products and colors, is what elevates our success.

Through this Blog medium, Youtube(SpellCosmetics) tutorials and information, and personal interaction, any purchaser will have the ability to learn about the cosmetic industry and products for sale.

Our extensive online catalog is located at www.spellcosmetics.com . Shop with us, chat with us, work with us and enjoy the looks and trends we have designed for you!