Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just for Our Blog Followers!

Two new colours just launched in the Spell store, & YOU can get your choice FREE with your order now thru July 1st! Pinkie Promise is a new edition to the High Luster Category, & Smoked is one of our Luxe Satin selections. All you have to do is type "Spell Blog" in the special instructions on your order, & your colour choice! Pinkie Promise is a delicate pink layered with gold duochrome reflecs, making it the most sophisticated pink you've ever used! Smoked is PERFECT for creating the "classic" smokey eye every time!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Kitchen Nightmare!"

So, for any of you who may know. There is a show out with Chef Gordon Ramsey called "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares". The concept of the show for those who don't know, is that he enters an existing restaurant and re vamps, reworks the entire structure. Its a cleaning house and starting over show. The focus is to turn the place profitable, trendy, workable.

Well it was decided that Spell was about to have someone come and do the same, as we needed it!! So we are in the process now and things are changing so very fast. So we'll keep everyone updated as to the progress and some of the ideas, changes coming.

Currently, here are some so far!!!!

1. Customer Service: Welcome Ashley... Our new drill seargent of customer service. No more lack of responding and its time to solve the issues immediately-Back to being known as the customer service company after a huge fall off.

2. A new front page to the website!! Trendy, inviting and a layout to make everyone feel like spending their days there. (Coming Soon)

3. New warehouse for Spell!

4. New Sales Girls

5. Finally, a back to the basics approach.. A quote from the show "You have 72 items on the menu, but you only sell 20" Goodbye to the things that don't carry their weight!

So, if you have an opinion as well. Tell us. and YES--you can be mad and let us

Feel free to step in and say "Hey Spell, CHANGE THIS!!!" email

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Private Label FAQ's

Thank you everyone for your interest in this new program at Spell. We truly believe that we have an opportunity to make some much needed changes and offer a new way to bring your creative ideas to the cosmetics industry. So, based on the email questions, we'd like to try to answer as many questions as we can.

1. What is the Spell "Private Label Program"? :: After careful consideration and trying to determine the best approach we decided to offer a way for you to design collections with colours that you have in mind. Creativity is important and we know there are some of you wanting to put those ideas into reality. Its also truly a way for you to explore some new business ventures. These are products that will become YOURS to do with as you please. They will not be placed on the Spell Site or sold by us.

2. How does the program differ from other Private Label lines or Bulk suppliers?:: With Spell Private label, the colors designed are your choice. There are no bulk sales of pigments to just choose from. We manufacture the colors for you to match what you have in mind. They are still built using our own 3 Tier patented design formula and that bulk is yours. In addition, you have the ability to choose pre packaged jars or 1 oz bulk delivered of your color. Your design is maintained but private and never released to anyone but you.

3. How do I start?:: We've made the program as simple as possible and as cost effective to you so that you have the ability to sell and actually make some money!!

Step 1: Visit the Spell Store and click on "Private Label"
Step 2: Choose which program you like and purchase that one.
Step 3: You will receive a welcome email from us.
Step 4: Elle will personally contact you and discuss the colors you have in mind. (Feel free to gather pics of other colors you like or a photo with a color in it you desire.) You can email those to her.
Step 5: Once the color is formulated- you will recieve the sample to review and tweek with her or approve.
Step 6: Your Color will be formulated, bulked and warehoused as your items are shipped to you.
We will store your color for future refills.
Step 7: Along with your items will be a confidentiality letter as we will maintain the strictest privacy with who has purchased the program. These are yours to sell, all we have done is the manufacturing.

4. Can you do my labeling? At this time we only have the ability to print in black so we cant provide labels, however, if you have your own logo in mind we can and will assist in Photoshop design for you and provide ideas and some limited help.

5. Where can I sell? Do I have to mention Spell? You can sell anywhere!, Your own online store, ebay, etsy, in your salon, or out of your They are your colours and NO you do not have to mention your manufacturer as Spell. We hope its a way of bringing a ton of new competition and colour ideas into the cosmetic industry--We just want you to have fun doing it with an outlet to help. So start your own cosmetics company whether full or part time and get it out there!!! We'd even link your store to our website, blogs etc if you desire..

6. I'm a VIP or PRO Member, Can I use my discount? Because we have made this program as inexpensive as possible so you can re-sell in profit, we would ask that if you are VIP or Pro that you email us before this purchase and allow us to remove that from your account in this one instance, we will immediately re update the account after this purchase.

We hope this helped and if you have any more questions email us at with Private Label in the title! Just have fun, get involved and be creative!!