Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New ~ The Icicle Pink Collection

Who can resist looking the soft look of shimmering iced pinks? The number 1 requested look of the season, now bundled in a new collection by Spell Cosmetics. 3 Shadow, including Virgin, Triple Strand & Drama; Obvious Lip Gloss in our latest shade GroupieGlam, and our all over creme illuminator, Illuminade in Sugarspun Pink!
This special collection is a savings of almost half of the MSRP...All 5 selections for $24.99!


Phyrra said...

Groupie Glam looks nice :)
I'm glad that I have that illuminator coming to me in the mail!

Jellyminx said...

Very pretty, this collection is very me :D

Kelly x

Rae said...

Love this!!! I'm ordering this ASAP! It's gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for making it!