Monday, October 5, 2009

Spell Look #8, Model: Trinity Skye

This look was created to fit with the industrial/architectural needs of the shoot. Working in black & white photography is a fantastic excercise for playing with texture so that you can see how different reflective qualities adjusts the way a camera renders a final image.

Eyes: We've heavily framed Trinity Skye's eyes in VELVET MATTE SHADOW in BLACK (although I did load my brush with a little bit of MAGNETEYEZ PRIMER to make it easier to manipulate the product. VEXED from THE RELOADED COLLECTION was used in the area around the Black to soften the transistion into the the remainder of the face. HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT was used to highlight up into the brow bone.

Face: HARMONY FOUNDATION in DELICATE was used all over. Then we created a soft cheek contour with ZINFANDEL blush under the cheekbones, and SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in ORCHID above & along the bone.

photograph copyright of Crayton Photo