Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A "Must See" Modification!!!!!

So, Spell Cosmetics has an "all hands" Monday meeting every week. This is where we discuss a multitude of issues, changes, new products, launch dates etc. During this past one, a major valid point was brought up and was so fantastic that everyone jumped on board. The basis of discussion was as follows: So many companies offer pre-built palettes of eyeshadows that you could get lost in the amount of re-sellers out there. We had initially launched our 24 piece box set as a pre-built, but during the meeting were asking ourselves---WHY? So, we modified-quickly! Now, the 24 piece box set is "YOU CHOOSE" We have added a simple drop down menu to this item in the store and are going to step up and build them as they are ordered. You guys choose your own colours, it shouldn't be us! So now, every kit ordered is tailored directly to you!!! We just think its best that the consumer have their say when it comes to an item they desire. How many palette shadows do we NOT use that come in the pre-builts? Get rid of those and make your own call!---PLUS--its way more fun!!!