Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Week Giveaways!

1. All Purchases of $30.00 or more through Valentine's Day receive the "Eye Candy Collection"

2. Each "All 40" Shadow Kit comes with our New 9" Blending Brush!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The final 3 glosses of 2009!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the last 3 gloss girls from Youtube, (Haleybean, Laurel Fairy, and Kathy-Odrisk-Pixie Princess) The new colour descriptions are in the store!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Crown Jewel of Spell

For the second half of 2009 we have worked on our liners. Those close to us know how we have dedicated ourselves to releasing a new line that will show stop any others. During the past year Spell has become so trendy that we have been forced to create lines that are impecable when it comes to quality. We've had, sampled. tested and sold others, but its time to scrap the gels and powders for a liner that will become this years #1 seller. Our "Crown Jewel" line has 9 distinctive colours. Forget transferring and lets add a bit of jojoba (moisturizing). Visit our store today and check out this new line, we promise you wont be disappointed!


We're filling our 3 gram pots with a color from each team! Shop during the Superbowl and no matter what size order, get this duo set filled with Lust and Silver!!! No minimum order requirement, just gives us all something fun to do! But we'll go one step further today! All shoppers during the superbowl will get a 2009 VIP membership with their order! May come in handy for tonight's special new product launch or to round out the Glitter Gloss Trio tonight! Have fun!! (Offer starts at kickoff and ends when the clock does!!)