Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spell Look #4, Model: Trinity Skye

In this runway look, we've incorporated the colours of Model Trinity Skye's Johnathan Kayne gown. Our Laura Christopher Heat Wave Day was the perfect choice for echoing the teal dupioni fabric, while incorporating the glowing effect of the crystal embellishments.

Eyes: Working the inner corners of the eye with RISING SUN, outward to the middle of the eye, we've switched into SALT WATER, framing the eyes from the top and bottom. We've used WHITE HOT to illuminate the interior section of the brow bone, but gave this an extra jolt of vibrancy by using HOLOGLOW shadow in HALO.

Face: We've evened out Trinity's skin tone with HARMONY FOUNDATION in MEDIUM, and used a subdued blush in TOASTED COCONUT to balance the finished look

Lips: From the HEAT WAVE DAY collection, we have used CORAL SUN.
Right now, the HEAT WAVE DAY COLLECTION is ON SALE thru SUNDAY for only $19.99! This set includes Salt Water, White Hot, and Rising Sun PLUS Coral Sun gloss. Don't forget to add Halo to your cart!

1 comment:

ShimmerSpell said...

This is the look that I will be duplicating for my bday party tomorrow night! I have a teal colored dress that looks like Salt Water :)