Friday, November 20, 2009

Spell Cosmetics Friday Night Favorites!

We all need a fabulous Friday night look, so we've listed one of our favorite combo for creating a smoking, sultry glow!
Elle's favorite way to lay this out is to begin with Nightshade, creating the outline of the shape of the eye with a small dome brush....think of this like creating outines you see in a colouring book. Use Nightshade in the crease, smoking your way into the outer v, and underneath and into the lower lash line.
With a small Fluff brush, apply Antiquity on the lid. Use a wet liner brush with Antiquity to illuminate the inner corners, both upper and lower.
With a Large Fluff brush, stroke Holowglow Halo from the crease into the brow bone. For extra highlight effect consider a stroke on the outer upper brow area. Use a small dome brush to work some Halo underneath the Nightshade, for added dimension and light reflection.
Dust Goddess Glow along Cheekbones and finish with Gold Drenched Gloss.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Get off to a Great Start!

Everyone loves Spell Cosmetics colour selections, but how can everyone achieve amazing results? We know that not everyone out there has perfect skin, including models, so we take a few extra steps to give the illusion of a flawless face. Here's 3 quick and easy steps to preparing your face for all day gorgeousness!