Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We think its easier this way!

As if the sale continues! We've had so many raincheck requests we figured we'd have to leave this out there! Have fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you! and Sale Rainchecks!

We sincerely mean it! This was the most fun we've ever had!! We met so many new people and had so many laughs with all of you. We just can't thank you enough!

But, as you may or may not know, sometimes you just couldn't be there. Therefore, as we do with each sale we are offerring rainchecks through Sunday March 29th! Just simply email us at and put "raincheck" in the subject. We will email it right away!

So, what next???? We'll by popular demand and consideration by us after seeing some of the touching/funny video submissions in the "I love Spell Cosmetics" Contest, we have decided to turn it into one MEGA CONTEST on our youtube channel! You can enter for a major prize giveaway each month and its going to last 1 full year!! See the details on our channel at

Back to your shipping!!!!! We adore each of you and will continue to work to keep it fun for everyone!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its 3:00pm EST! and the next Giveaway is on!

Click the link for a video instruction on how to enter. The prize giveaway is the entire "Obvious" Gloss line and The AllthatGlitRz TRIO!!!!!

The Closing Ceremonies! Final Spell Sale Day!

Well we do hope you have been enjoying the fun, games and sale! We have made this weekend all about you guys with so many giveaways! and its NOT OVER YET! Today is the final BIG day!. Stay tuned! We're having a contest on youtube in a few moments, and some more announcements here shortly.
Don't forget to join us again tonight on Blog TV at 9pm EST. We will be having more giveaways for the viewers only!
In the store all day, every 10th order is getting a special gift with their delivery from us. So watch your email to see if you've won!!