Thursday, December 2, 2010


Stage & Performance!!!!!!!!!!! our newest catagory. Currently we are offerring 2 Brand new products. "Glitter Galore" a fantastic Eye and Lip Glitter kit, as well as a redesigned body gloss for the stage or the club!

So give it a look!!!! and watch this new catagory for more!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Three Special Holiday Gift Collections!

Join us as we celebrate the holiday and offer 3 newly packaged collections. Hologlow, Jewel Thief and Elle's Essentials have now been re-vamped--re-packaged and are up for sale at

Thinking of buying more than one, then Email Ashley at and ask for the multi-purchase discounts for your gifts!!!

Keep an eye on us as we prepare to launch our "Performers" and "Stage" Catagory with fun creations from hand made costumes and pasties to "over the top" Glitter kits and performance colors!!!

Love you all!

Monday, November 8, 2010


After wrapping up the liquidation sale and re-building for wholesale and private label, we have now re-emerged with some unique and exciting offers.
All of the questionaiires, comments and planning have found their way into the details of how we are now approaching our customer base. So read below, we think everyone will enjoy not only the uniqueness of Spell now, but the savings you can all enjoy.
1. We have as of now re-listed our top shadows on the site (with more coming).
2. All shadows are now 1 FULL OZ. (Fills 6 of the standard 5 gram jars)
3. Our Colors are COMPLETED formulas. (Not Raw Materials) These are sale or use ready.
4. Each 1 Oz package will include 1 FREE -5gram jar and lid to work from.
5. Each 1 Oz package is only $10.00
6. There are no minimum order amounts for wholesale. (Buy as much or as little as you'd like).
This is the brand new wholesale component at Spell. We have strived to make it affordable, and profitable for anyone desiring to re-package and sell. There is no requirement to mix or add components to the colors.
For those who are just seeking colors for personal use, it is an extremely cost effective way to receive a large quantity of color that will last, or give some away as gifts, contests etc!!
More to come, but feel free to start shopping the current colors available in the store.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

That final day...

Well, it has been some madness here the past couple weeks, but we are at the Final day of liquidation. Tonigh at midnight, the store will change from individual sale to wholesale and Private Label.

So join us on this last shopping day if you'd like individual products and get freebies with every order all day and night.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

UPDATE 10/03/2010.. Modified Backstock Kits for Sale!

We have now modified some of our old collections and relisted them under "Specialty Collections" The following have been added in for this final week of Clearance.

South Seas Collection
Moonlit Garden Collection
Brown Eyes
Blue Eyes
Hazel Eyes
Green Eyes kits.

The last 4 come with Blush and a FREE (Filter) for only $20.00

Friday, October 1, 2010

Helping Spell...

One more time... If you have a blog, a youtube, are willing to make a video...anything..We sure could use your help getting the word out on our liquidation sale ending October 10th. We are so grateful for having you guys around for the past 4 years and have certainly tried to do the same for everyone these past 4 years. It may seem like a cheesy plea for help from everyone, but we cant do it alone, and we couldn't have done it without everyone.

There are 9 days left...and we just hope to be able to recover from this year and move forward with the new direction.

Our gracious thank you's in advance..... :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Just a note from yesterday during liquidation. We shipped out a record 87(one day) orders yesterday!!! Watch for the shipping updates coming in the next day or so. You guys have been fantastic in your patience with us this week!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The "SOLD OUT" Items

Thank you everyone for inquiries, and as a mass answer to the emails in customer service, unfortunately, no, once they are off the shelves we will not be packaging more. We are trying to keep up in the store and updating the sell outs. We will only make more for those who have them in their carts while shopping if that item happens to sell out during that time.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Liquidation of Spell.....Ends October 10th..

Dear Friends, followers, and ,our most gracious customers:

The time has come for Spell as we've all come to know it to step aside, but yet step up on a different platform. For almost 4 years now, we have been in the cosmetics race bringing a new product line, games, fun, giveaways and yes..even mistakes and screw ups to all of you. So much has changed in our world and often it seems that even those "good ole" days of Youtube have turned into something different. So we say GOODBYE to Spell as it has been and we elevate to our new endeavor.

We have been so proud of so many of you who have come to our doorstep to create Private label colors and formulas for your stores. Yes, it is true, we are proud that many of you will end up with our formulations by shopping in other Etsy, Ebay and online stores!! and we can't say whos..

But now we become something new and as of October 10th, we will only be providing our color formulas in bulk, and continuing to create colors for others.. In the meantime, all of those components, all of the jars, and all of those colors on the shelf must go..

So go visit us now and stock up on what is currently available, and most of it on the site is all $5.00. Be patient with us now as shipping times can be up to a week, but we will get them all out. In the meantime, we will spend these next two weeks wrapping up lose ends in customer service and preparing to provide any of you who want to come back to purchase our colors to sell for yourselves an oppotunity to do so, with no minimum order amounts in the future.

We are proud of what we achieved, we are proud that we created it ourselves, and as a side note, we are proud of you Elle, for taking this company to where it has become. Your color creations, your visual talent is what put Spell on the map.

To all of our friends, our customers, never doubt that our gracious thank you is offerred. Continue to follow us...and continue to think of us when you make your next cosmetics purchase..look just never know if thats us in that little jar....:)

All our love.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Attention Blog Followers!!!!

Come have fun with us this weekend and join our Private Shopper Games!! Its an opportunity to shop outside of the store and have some fun! So send us an email to and list the products you are interested in. We will respond with some of the best bottom line prices and deals, freebies and giveaways!!

Its a great chance to reconnect with us, try us for the first time, shop as a guest without registering or just get involved on some unbelieveable deals!!!

Put (Private Shopper) in the subject line and list the products you are interested in!!

Have fun!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Stephanie, our first Mysterio Model!

This is the first of 3 looks & model interviews we are doing from our launch of Mysterio!
I asked each model 3 questions, here's Stephanie's Q&A (in case you can't read it in the box)
Q) What do you think makes a woman beautiful?
A) Beauty is a great smile and an upbeat attitude. All the looks in the world are meaningless if people avoid you!
Q) What 3 words describe your sense of style?
A) My style is vintage, androgynous & dark
Q) Tell me 3 things you want the world to know about you?
A) I make hats & hair accessories, I collect Christmas Kitsch and celebrate the holidays for nearly 2 months!
Follow our layout above to get Stephanie's look!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mysterio by Spell Cosmetics, Fall 2010

The Launch of our Fall 2010 is here! Mysterio by Spell Cosmetics!

Mysterio is our first ever use anywhere collection! This black magnetic welled compact is fused with special effects pigments that shift into different hues depending on which direction they are looked at! Two shadow colours, Mother of Pearl & Hypnotique, #333 Half Evil liner or creme shadow in an uncommon tone that combines tobacco, rose' & licorice tones can also be used on lips, and finally Femme, a gloss that can be used alone on lips, over #333, or even as a cheek highlight!
Introductory gift with purchase: Orchid Soft Focus Blush! Mysterio was used to achieve all of these images on models Stephanie, Jasmine & Rae!
Photos copyright of AlexaArt~ a special thank you to Debra, the name sake of #333 Half Evil, for making this such a fantastic event for us!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blue,Green,Hazel,Brown! Pick Your Collection!

Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Brown Eyes, Blue!!!

We have designed some perfect new collections for everyone and its all to match your eye colors!

To replace the old "You pick it" kits, we have formulated these new kits to make it easy for you to choose a great new look!

So click below on your eye color and grab the new collection! Each kit is on sale now for $19.99 and includes 3 Shadows, 1 Blush and a FREE Filter (Translucent Perfecting Powder).

Thank you all for your support as we continue to roll out the new Fall Collections!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 ways to wear the Moonspell Collection by Spell Cosmetics!

The Moonspell Collection has been one of our top-sellers for over a year! I've painted out a face chart showing 2 ways to wear it!
Look 1 on the left eye is a tone-on-tone fusion that is perfect for people who have wide set, or forward set eyes. By lining the lower lashline with Hologlow Moonlit, and creating a bolder upper eye, it is also perfect for people with rounder face shapes as it creates vertical length. The upper eye is done with Sublime on the lid, Nightshade in the crease area, with Moonlit highlighting the brow bone.
Look 2 on the right eye is my favorite option for creating a smokey dramatic look that looks amazing on deep set or narrow eyes because it expands the eye area in an outward manner. For this look, I use Moonlit in the inner corners, upper & lower lashline, sweeping it up into the brow bone. Next, I create the outer V are by using Nightshade beginning at the center of the lid & smoked into the immediate crease. I echo that pattern with Sublime blending into & over the Nightshade.
With intense eye looks, I usually create a neutral lip, so I have chosen Naked for this.
Stop over at & add The Moonspell Collection to your makeup arsenal~ it's perfect for this transitional time between Summer & Fall!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet our new Midwest Director of Marketing & Events, Ms. Viva Valezz!

We are so excited to announce that the 2010 "Columbus' Favorite Burleque Performer", Viva Valezz has come on board with Spell Cosmetics to become our Midwest Director of Marketing & Events!
So by way of introduction, here is a letter from Viva about her philosophy of beauty:
"Burlesque performance is all about appreciating your own femininity, your own unique beauty, learning to love your body no matter what size, representing beauty & grace in every color & lifestyle, and being able to perform because you love sharing your artistic expressions with an audience.
I have been performing & teaching dance in the Midwest for a decade, & have performed from coast to coast as well as overseas in Morocco, Northern Africa, from the larger cities to the Sahara Desert. Along the way, I've met thousands of beautiful women.
I began my dance career 10 years ago as a professional belly dancer & instructor which segued into burlesque, which has deep similarities to the Hollywood styles of the 1930's - 50's & Pin-Up culture. My modeling experiences have helped me appreciate the world of make-up more than I ever did over the years.
I have 25 years experience as a business leader & manager within the fashion industry, and have a Master's Degree in Communications.
EVERY woman is beautiful. Every woman, every person has the capacity to show the world their true beauty. If I can ever contribute to making even 1 person recognize their true beauty, I've been blessed" ... Viva Valezz
We will be working on making Spell Cosmetics available through "Brick & Morter" stores, as well as continuing to add new events to our calender. Follow Viva on Twitter at: or add her to your friends on Facebook!
xoxo~ elle

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Balm!!! Pre-Release & FREE with your order!

It's The Balm! We're getting ready to launch The Balm, & we want your feedback so we are giving one away for free with your order this weekend! Email us with your opinions & thoughts on The Balm ~ we want you to be a part of it's creation!
Spf 8, All Natural, Cruelty Free~ Super hydrating and perfect for a touch of colour that protects lips from environmental stress!
Add it to your cart, under the Free with Purchase category!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Makeover Event with Elle at Torrid!

Hey Cleveland area ladies!!! Bring your headshots & head out to Torrid at Great Northern Mall for the Live The Dream Model Search! Elle will be there doing complimentary makeovers on Saturday to kick start your shopping fun! A special thank you to Maureen for inviting us to be there!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Picture Says it all!!!!

We do certainly hope that was the bit of the attention grabber necessary to get our next point across. Its been a month now since we brought in ASHLEY to begin to revamp our customer service. This time, we just said "no rules, make them all happy" Well certainly we think she has made the necessary changes and we hope you've noticed. She's there like the personal shopper for all of you! So no more unanswered emails--well maybe 1 or but assisting everyone like we used to was our most requested comment. No doubt, we made a mistake, we had been known as the customer service company! and then well.....not so much....BUT ...We own it--We changed it---and we're big enough to admit our own faults. So drop her an email every once in a while and just introduce yourself or encourage her, she'll do the same and she WILL be there for you.. attn: Ashley

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"It's Complicated" Collection!

"It's Complicated"!!! Welcome to the relaunch of 3 of our best selling shades. Delicate yet brilliant strokes of colour featuring complicated duochrome properties that float over the face like silk. Never settles into fine lines due to the nature of its composition.
Mystic Waters (top left~ formerly Blueberry Fizz) is built with indigos & periwinkles with a surprising red-toned reflec.
Jazzberry Jam (top right~formerly Black Cherry) is built with plum violet tones with blue reflecs.
Happy Glow Lucky (formerly Candellight Glow) is a use anywhere illuminator that dances with warm golds & ember tones that are perfect for highlighting brow, cheek & collarbones.
Now available as a collection at .

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just for Our Blog Followers!

Two new colours just launched in the Spell store, & YOU can get your choice FREE with your order now thru July 1st! Pinkie Promise is a new edition to the High Luster Category, & Smoked is one of our Luxe Satin selections. All you have to do is type "Spell Blog" in the special instructions on your order, & your colour choice! Pinkie Promise is a delicate pink layered with gold duochrome reflecs, making it the most sophisticated pink you've ever used! Smoked is PERFECT for creating the "classic" smokey eye every time!
Visit us today!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Kitchen Nightmare!"

So, for any of you who may know. There is a show out with Chef Gordon Ramsey called "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares". The concept of the show for those who don't know, is that he enters an existing restaurant and re vamps, reworks the entire structure. Its a cleaning house and starting over show. The focus is to turn the place profitable, trendy, workable.

Well it was decided that Spell was about to have someone come and do the same, as we needed it!! So we are in the process now and things are changing so very fast. So we'll keep everyone updated as to the progress and some of the ideas, changes coming.

Currently, here are some so far!!!!

1. Customer Service: Welcome Ashley... Our new drill seargent of customer service. No more lack of responding and its time to solve the issues immediately-Back to being known as the customer service company after a huge fall off.

2. A new front page to the website!! Trendy, inviting and a layout to make everyone feel like spending their days there. (Coming Soon)

3. New warehouse for Spell!

4. New Sales Girls

5. Finally, a back to the basics approach.. A quote from the show "You have 72 items on the menu, but you only sell 20" Goodbye to the things that don't carry their weight!

So, if you have an opinion as well. Tell us. and YES--you can be mad and let us

Feel free to step in and say "Hey Spell, CHANGE THIS!!!" email

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Private Label FAQ's

Thank you everyone for your interest in this new program at Spell. We truly believe that we have an opportunity to make some much needed changes and offer a new way to bring your creative ideas to the cosmetics industry. So, based on the email questions, we'd like to try to answer as many questions as we can.

1. What is the Spell "Private Label Program"? :: After careful consideration and trying to determine the best approach we decided to offer a way for you to design collections with colours that you have in mind. Creativity is important and we know there are some of you wanting to put those ideas into reality. Its also truly a way for you to explore some new business ventures. These are products that will become YOURS to do with as you please. They will not be placed on the Spell Site or sold by us.

2. How does the program differ from other Private Label lines or Bulk suppliers?:: With Spell Private label, the colors designed are your choice. There are no bulk sales of pigments to just choose from. We manufacture the colors for you to match what you have in mind. They are still built using our own 3 Tier patented design formula and that bulk is yours. In addition, you have the ability to choose pre packaged jars or 1 oz bulk delivered of your color. Your design is maintained but private and never released to anyone but you.

3. How do I start?:: We've made the program as simple as possible and as cost effective to you so that you have the ability to sell and actually make some money!!

Step 1: Visit the Spell Store and click on "Private Label"
Step 2: Choose which program you like and purchase that one.
Step 3: You will receive a welcome email from us.
Step 4: Elle will personally contact you and discuss the colors you have in mind. (Feel free to gather pics of other colors you like or a photo with a color in it you desire.) You can email those to her.
Step 5: Once the color is formulated- you will recieve the sample to review and tweek with her or approve.
Step 6: Your Color will be formulated, bulked and warehoused as your items are shipped to you.
We will store your color for future refills.
Step 7: Along with your items will be a confidentiality letter as we will maintain the strictest privacy with who has purchased the program. These are yours to sell, all we have done is the manufacturing.

4. Can you do my labeling? At this time we only have the ability to print in black so we cant provide labels, however, if you have your own logo in mind we can and will assist in Photoshop design for you and provide ideas and some limited help.

5. Where can I sell? Do I have to mention Spell? You can sell anywhere!, Your own online store, ebay, etsy, in your salon, or out of your They are your colours and NO you do not have to mention your manufacturer as Spell. We hope its a way of bringing a ton of new competition and colour ideas into the cosmetic industry--We just want you to have fun doing it with an outlet to help. So start your own cosmetics company whether full or part time and get it out there!!! We'd even link your store to our website, blogs etc if you desire..

6. I'm a VIP or PRO Member, Can I use my discount? Because we have made this program as inexpensive as possible so you can re-sell in profit, we would ask that if you are VIP or Pro that you email us before this purchase and allow us to remove that from your account in this one instance, we will immediately re update the account after this purchase.

We hope this helped and if you have any more questions email us at with Private Label in the title! Just have fun, get involved and be creative!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Want your own colour or collection?

We are VERY excited about this! We are known for creating collections for some of the biggest gurus on YouTube, not to mention the ones we do for boutiques currently.
Again, we know the economy has everyone down, feeling like they have no way to get ahead. If you've ever looked into private label, it is very cost prohibitive because of the order minimums, not to mention it isn't unique or customized in any way.
Private Label with Spell Cosmetics will give you an opportunity to create 1 colour at a time, that you will be able to sell through your blog, online store, etc. By working with Elle, who has a proven track record of success with creating colours that are big sellers (Blueberry Fizz anyone?!), you are guaranteed to get exactly what you are looking for, quickly, without going through trial & error & wasting materials.
We will be listing this as an option on the website in the next few days, but in the meantime, we want to hear your thoughts on this!!! Leave a comment here, on our FB fanpage, Twitter or email us at: with Private Label in the header of your message!
xoxo~elle & gemma

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rate Our Website!

We promised a new Spell is emerging & we want to hear your thoughts specifically about our website. Please follow the link below & answer our poll about the functionality of our website!

We want shopping with us to be an easy experience! Please know that you do NOT need a Paypal account in order to check out with us, you are able to do a traditional credit card check out.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
xoxo~ elle & gemma

Spell Cosmetics Refer a Friend Program!

We LOVE that so many of you pass on the word about Spell Cosmetics! Whether you retweet our messages, or share your hauls & looks on YouTube, or even shout out the colour of the eyeshadow you're wearing when some one compliments you! We KNOW that word of mouth is how our company has continued to grow since our launch in 2007.
We receive many requests for us to send out free products for the purpous of having people review them...we don't operate that way. We LOVE to give free gifts with purchase, do random contests through social media, & occassionally we send out a random gift to our clients just because we can.
That being said, we'd like to reward those of you that are into Spell Cosmetics, whether you are a current client, a friend of ours or you just like what we're about! We are of course controversial ingredient free, cruelty free, & created by a makeup artist with 20 years experience.
How does the Refer a Friend Program work? It's VERY simple!
Any of your friends & followers that register on our site can list your name in the section that says "Were You Referred To Us?" They can use your customer name, twitter name or Youtube name, whichever you prefer!
For every 10 people that lists you as a referral, you will receive a $5 credit to Spell.
Each person you refer will recieve a 10% discount for signing up that they can use on their first order!
YOU will receive 10% of the order total in either Spell Cosmetics credit or sent to your Paypal account~ you choose! Just make sure you are registered on our website,
All you have to do is spread the word! Our system automatically tracks the orders with referrals! We will notify you on the 15th & 30th of each month thru August what your totals are!
We know you guys are very creative, so you can get the word out any way you would like! If there are products you specifically love, this is a great time to shout them out! Your friends get a discount & you get some cosmetics or cash! We keep hearing that the economy has everyone down, & we're going to help change it!
xoxo~ elle

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cruelty Free ALL THE WAY!

I noticed the other day, that the back of tube of lotion from a major manufacturer took the time to designate that "The final product is not tested on animals"... huh???

I know exactly what this means. It is a legal disclaimer that bridges the gap between not testing on animals as the manufacturer, but using ingredients that HAVE been tested on animals by their raw materials suppliers. It's a technicality that has no comforting power for those of us who are animal lovers & want to be certain that what we are using has not in any way contributed to the harm of any animal along the way.

Of course the manufacturer knows this, they just don't think you will catch it.

I have read every MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for every ingredient that is used in the composition of my products. But this is only step one! I then have to research the parent company that produces the specific ingredient to determine if they test any of their ingredients on animals which would then result in my NOT using them as a supplier, even if the specific ingredient I need is not tested. I rely on several Chem Index resources for this information as well as the sales reps for the suppliers I use who supply me with the MSDS sheet straight from the original manufacturer.

It's sticky & here's why: many ingredients have mixed purpous usages since they fall under the category of FD & C (food, drug, & cosmetics).

Here's an interesting fact: a trademarked ingredient used in many lipgloss bases is also used in school/govermental hamburgers so that it helps bind it together & maintain a congruent shape. But I digress.

Spell Cosmetics does not, will not use any ingredient tested on animals, & our final product is 100% Cruelty Free. With the exception of our Gloss Pots, our products are Vegan. A small percentage of Beeswax is used for the Gloss Pots because it helps anchor the density of the pigment load without "bleeding" from body heat. I made this choice over petro based waxes, but that is a blog for another time.

Spell has demonstrated their commitment to being cruelty free by designing a special collection in 2008 for a non-profit group called Marilyn's Voice, who are anti Puppy Mills.

I've said it before & I will say it again now: Principles before Profits!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BOGO at Spell Cosmetics!

We have a brand new category at, called FREE with Purchase! Under this category, you will find the best deals we've ever offered!

Our Buy 5 Get 5 Shadows Free is still in full force, and we've added BOGO Free Blush PLUS BOGO Free Vamp Up Anti-Aging Lip Plumper!

Spell Cosmetics Blushes are broken down into 2 categories, Soft Focus & our original traditional blush. Soft Focus is translucent & comes in face brightening shades like Melon & Coral, while our traditional blushes offer more coverage & SPF 15. Never streaky, our blushes will not break down with the "heat of the day"!

Our Vamp Up Anti-Aging Lip Plumper was included in the Swag bags given to the VIPs & cast of Twilight at the Dallas TwiCon event last summer. We now offer it in 3 classic shades that create a "stain" effect~ Bordello, Lolita, & Centerfold ( our top selling gloss!) You won't feel any tingling or burning~ within 5 minutes you will see a visible difference in the dimension of your lips, fullness, & diminished fine lines on the edges. With regular use, the reconditioning effect of Vamp Up is increased.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buy 5 Shadows Get 5 FREE!!!

We're loving this one! As a matter of fact, we love it so much that we got all excited & managed to send the same newsletter 5 times by mistake! Sorry about that!

This is our best shadow sale, and a great way to stock up without breaking the bank! PLUS, you can include the shadows from South Seas & Moonlit Garden Collections, even though we do not sell them individually!

Elle's 10 picks? Lavender Lemonade, Whisper to Me, Promenade, Silvered Sage, Delphinium Dew & her classic standbys, Nightshade, Moonspell, Sepia, Camille & Halo.

Plussssss, receive a FREE Illuminate all over illuminator with any purchase!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Liner le Creme' by Spell Cosmetics!

Now available in open stock, Liner le Creme' in Blackest by Spell Cosmetics!
Create precise lines that are transfer resistant and waterproof with our compact liner. Specially created to resist "melt" that occurs from traditional liners, and will not dry out like other creme/gel liners. Try it underneath Hologlow ~ the trasformation of exposing the duochrome effects is amazing!
10 grams of dense black cruelty free, paraben free & phthalate free colour!

The Moonlit Garden Collection by Spell Cosmetics!

The light of the silvery moon dances with dew drops of soft, shimmery colour by Spell Cosmetics. Debuting as a 5 piece collection, this cool toned palette creates mystery with: Gazing Globe, a soft stroke of cool illumination radiating blue/violet duchrome; Lavender Lemonade is a complicated blend of lavender luster that is equally balanced with golden glow ; Delphinium Dew is richly saturated with richer-than-periwinkle vibrancy. Silvered Sage takes neutral away from browns & into metallic moss tones. Balance out the look with Fiore di Luna (moonflower) Obvious Lip Gloss, a creamy shimmer of cooled violets diffused with plum & zinfandel duochrome echos.
Special intro price of $19.99!

Tropical Colour! The South Seas Collection!

Colour goes tropical with Spell Cosmetics South Seas Collection! Warm coral tones lend a relaxed glow to the face, with an unexpected seafoam kissed turquoise water accent colour! Our most complicated colours yet, they shift with the light as though they are a natural extension of your face...sheer yet noticable.

From top left to bottom right: High Tide (a turquoise to seafoam duochrome ) Island Flirt (Coral meets Copper) Promenade (a wake-up-your-face midtone coral glow) & Whisper To Me (the most delicate highlight duochrome, moving in the light with gold/champagne tones). We round out the collection with Tropical Romance Obvious Lip Gloss, drenching lips in coral toned shimmer. Special intro pricing at only $19.99!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Online "Make-Overs" by Elle!

During the holiday season, it was my goal to send every single Facebook Fan a detailed list of the products I would use on them if they were a client in my chair~ I couldn't make it through the list! That's a good & bad thing, as it was my intention to make this a holiday gift for everyone & failed, but it's good that there are so many of you that I couldn't do it!

One of the only ways I can insure that my work is exactly what a client is looking for is to do a thorough client consultation. Without this, I am only guessing what we are trying to achieve and I find that the security of not skipping this step is much more satisfying than explaining it away later!

I would love nothing more than to work on each and every one of you in real life, but it's simply not practical! So, I have come up with a compromise~ if you would like me to do a comprehensive consultation for you, email me at: with the following information:

1) a current photo of yourself so I can see your hair & skin colouration

2) tell me what type of look you are most interested in, such as: work day, prom, bridal, club, etc so that I can best help you with my selections

3) please tell me what colours you DON'T like to see yourself in~ it's easier to define what we don't like than what we Do like!

I will send you a detailed email in return with my Spell Cosmetics shade selections, how I would lay them out step by step, and why I have selected them for you.

This is a FREE service from me, as my way of letting you know that you're important to Spell Cosmetics! Also, you will receive a 48 hour 25% off VIP pass to shop with if you are registered at

This is also a FANTASTIC way to shop for friends & family! With Mother's Day coming soon, it's a great way to "Make-Over your Mom"! I also love this option for mother's that have daughters wanting to begin wearing makeup but not sure how to go about it.

Can't wait to hear from you soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tell Spell!

We always strive to be the company that makes you feel like we care what you think. We have had our trials and tribulations as all companies do, but we never forget the philosophy of why we exist.

It's our goal to provide our clients with cosmetics that are a good value, free of harmful ingredients, and products that actually do what we say they will. We back it up by posting our work on models from photoshoots and events. We try to keep things fun so that you feel like you're getting a good value for your hard earned money. We try to be charitable, because we're a company that feels it's important to give back.

Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes things fall through the cracks. We always try to make it right.

So Tell Spell (Elle!)~ follow this link and fill out our survey!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pinned-Up Collection to benefit Shriners Hospitals

Everyone knows Spell Cosmetics loves a great party, so we decided to throw one ourselves! Pinned-Up is going to be a fantastic night of Retro & Rockabilly with a Pin-Up Girl Fashion Show & Lords of the Highway (voted Best Live Act, Scene Magazine 2005)! We'll be creating gorgeous vintage looks on some of Cleveland's top models using Spell Cosmetics & Cibu International hair products. Our Madame of Ceremonies, Danielle, will do a Burlesque performance.

This event will benefit Shriners Hospitals~ a network of hospitals that provide operations to children at no cost or financial obligation to the patient or family.

Since Spell Cosmetics has clients from around the globe (& you have no idea how exciting that is to me!), we wanted to create a collection that benefits Shriners Hospitals and create awareness for all that they do.
Pinned-Up contains 6 products in shades I use to create most of my Pin-Up looks for photoshoots. It seemed like the perfect time to bring back a cream lipstick in RockaBettie Red, a vintage pink Gloss Pot in Pinned-Up Pink, Silk Stockings Shadow, Martini Time Shadow, Gibson Girl Blush...and the introduction of our new creme/gel liner!
You can find this collection in our New Releases
We also have a Pin-Up contest going on our YouTube Channel
Thank you so much for supporting Spell Cosmetics, by being our friends, clients, subscribers to our social media! You guys ROCK!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Sneak Peek Shadow~ free with purchase!

With our Customer Appreciation & 40% off Sale in full swing, we are giving you a Spring Sneak Peak with a free Bellini eyeshadow with your purchase at!

Bellini is a high luster shadow, in an effervescent peach tone that is lit with golden rays of sun! Perfect for warming up your complexion for the newness of spring! Eye-opening and captivating with its orange gold duo chrome effect!

Just a sneak peak of our Spring Collection~ not available in our current line up!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Filter- Translucent Perfecting Power Launched!

After working with Filter on photoshoots for the last 3 months, I am excited to launch the most amazing finishing tool you will ever experience! ( I don't say that lightly!)

This powder is so perfect it thinks it's a liquid! Unlike mineral "veils", Filter is a combination of ingredients that create a blurring effect on fine lines and pores combined with refatting agents that include: Vitamin E, Jojoba and essential oils of orange, eucalyptus, patchouli and ylang ylang. This fusion softens dry parched skin while at the same time is oil absorbant! This also means that air borne dust is reduced, so that it's kinder to the respiratory system.

Completely translucent~ no shade matching necessary! Use alone or over a finished face. You won't believe the way your skin feels to the touch!
Hexane Free! (in addition to all of the other controversial ingredients Spell Cosmetics are free from).

Specially priced at 40% off now during our Customer Appreciation Sale.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Annual 40% Off Sale!

This is our 3rd annual 40% off sale! It's a fantastic fun week every year, where we focus on customer appreciation and let you all know how much it means to us that you are our clients and friends!
It's a great opportunity to try us for the first time, stock up on old favorites at awesome savings or introduce your friends to what Spell Cosmetics is all about!
Why Spell Cosmetics?
First of all, our products are created by a lifelong photographic makeup artist~ not in some creepy boardroom amongst people who have never applied makeup on anyone!
Second, because Spell cares about the health of our customers. We keep all the controversial ingredients that are used as cheap preservatives or ineffective fillers that reduce the effectiveness of a product. We do not repackage raw materials~ each product is specifically formulated to perform in its uniquely designed fashion
Third, because Spell believes that EVERYONE deserves to be beautiful! We go out of our way to make sure that our products are reasonably priced, and we offer FREE SHIPPING in the United States. Our international rates are more competitive than any other company out there!
And finally, because we want to make shopping with us a fun experience! You are never a nameless faceless person to us~ we go out of our way to make sure we get to know you through our blog, Facebook Fanpage, Youtube & Twitter!
Tell your friends!!! Look for fun stuff that will be happening all week, including a Blog TV on Thursday at 8:00 pm EST!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Before and After with Spell Cosmetics
This is the first in my series of before & after videos. The goal with this model was to create a soft wearable daytime look that warms the complexion and brings her features into sharper focus. We also focused on reducing the appearance of uneven skin texture & blemishes.

One of the attributes of Spell Cosmetics is that it is formulated to be kind to even the most sensitive skin types and post operative conditions. At the onset of Spell, many of my clients had been seeing dermatologists for laser treatments, peels, and microdermabrasion. We couldn't use traditional cosmetics on these clients, and that was the beginning of the mineral revolution. Our foundation & blushes contain skin clarifying & healing ingredients that foster the foundation of healthy happy skin.

Our Harmony Foundation is "self-leveling"...meaning it is created with both warm & cool tones to create a perfect neutral. Available in 6 shades, starting with Porcelain, Delicate, Medium, Rich, Mocha & Sable. Each colour is created to filter uneven pigmentation and naturally correct hues that are "too red" "too sallow" etc. We use our blushes to create tonal value.

Our Soft Focus Blushes are specially formulated for optimal light dispursement (meaning a healthy glow!), as well as a delicate balance of clear tone colour. Never streaky, just soft gorgeous colour that won't settle into fine lines.

Best value for trying Spell Cosmetics? The You Pick Kit! YOU choose: 3 eyeshadow, 1 blush, 1 foundation, 1 lip pot & 1 Obvious Gloss

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gift With Purchase this Weekend!

To give you a jump start for your St. Patrick's day look~ Spell is giving you your choice of a free eyeshadow with any $19.99 or more purchase this weekend!
In the special instructions on your order, just tell us if you would like Covet, Shock or Hunt Club as your free shadow! ($9 value!)
Covet is from our Loaded Collection~ a high impact long stay almost matte midtone green. Shock is from our Reloaded Collection~ an almost Chartreuse green that combines the long stay properties of the Loaded Collection but with an higher light reflection. Hunt Club is from our Velvet Matte Shadow assortment, a rich dense hunter green.
Don't forget, email us your St. Patrick's Day look! 3 winners will be featured on our website front page!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Spell Cosmetics?

One of the things that sets Spell Cosmetics apart from fly-by-night companies that have decided to "make make-up", is that we care about what chemicals we are all exposed to. Studies have shown that bio-accumlation of unhealthy chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, talc, & bismuth oxychloride are known hormone disrupters, respiratory hazards, and the subject of ongoing scrutiny. While the FDA is okay with the use of some of these ingredients, Spell Cosmetics has chosen to avoid using them in their formulations.

As a make-up artist & stylist, Elle, the founder/CEO of Spell Cosmetics has been exposed to a much higher than usual rate to unpleasant chemicals. Having worked with over 40,00 people in her 20 year career, it's frightening to consider the rate of exposure via breathing air-borne dust and absorbing it through the skin.

In an article in Live Well Magazine, Elle is quoted as saying, "I wanted to find out: Does it compromise the integrity of the product to create fabulous color that yields a desirable effect for the skin without the inclusion of controversial ingredients?" The answer she found out, is no.

Spell Cosmetics was created as an extension of how Elle uses colour & texture on clients and models~ from real-life, to runway to photography. Her portfolio is unique, diverse & extensive.

We know that there are countless companies to choose from for cosmetics, but Spell Cosmetics is "Cosmetics with a Conscience".

The following article explains more about parabens, and the Precautionary Principle which Spell Cosmetics abides by.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be our Valentine Giveaway!

We want everyone to be our Valentine here at Spell Cosmetics, so we're doing 2 gifts with purchase from now thru Valentine's Day. With any $19.99 purchase, receive a Pink Pamplemousse Lip Balm ~ perfect for hydrating winter lips! PLUS a BONUS GIFT for a $40 order~ a 4 oz Pink Sea Bath Salt! (which has the most intoxicating smell~ a mixture of rose, ozone, lily, orange & lime!) We automatically add them based on the order total! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xoxo~elle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Smolder Collection by Spell Cosmetics

Perfectly dramatic or demure depending on how you use it! This is a fantastic day into night collection that is a gilded interpretation of classic neutrals.
For day, consider Antiquity from the lashline (upper and lower) through the crease and applying black with a small dome brush along the lash line to bolster the shape of the eye. Use with Centerfold for a gorgeous nude that counterbalances the use of the eye colour.
For night, go long on the drama, by using Antiquity to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and along the brow bone. Work Treasure in from the center of the lid to the end of the lash line. Use Black in the outer V to create a deep dramatic eye. You can used centerfold again, with a little Locket in the center of your pout, or go for a metallic drenched pucker by using only Locket.
Fantastic Value, at only $24.99!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Cheers Collection by Spell Cosmetics

5 products make up our effervescent Cheers Collection! Gorgeous on any complexion, this assortment contains the intoxicating shades of: Champagne, Bordeaux, & Zinfandel Shadow and Blush, with a Gloss Pot in Ingenue'. Perfect for making every day a celebration (Spellabration, lol!)
All this for only $24.99, save over 50% off the open stock price!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Enjoy a complimentary Tea Rose Gloss with any Heirloom Valentine Shadow Collection purchase, this weekend only!
Demure & dainty, this collection will charm long after any Valentine roses fade!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Only! Free Lip Brush Offer!

The first day of February! What could be more appropriate than some gorgeous pink lips??? Today only, with any $25 order that includes one of our new Gloss Pots, we are including a free retractable lip brush!
My Valentine Gloss Pot Picks? Sweet Talker (shown) and Hot Shot!
These have fantastic colour pay off~ much like a lip stain meets gloss. More pigment than our Obvious Lip Glosses.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A new Spell Cosmetics Gloss Launch!

Our latest twist for Spell Cosmetics is the launch of our Gloss Pots~ a totally new lip colour experience! Each of these 6 shades have been designed to correlate with what is most commonly used to create editorial looks Delivered in 1/4 oz pots, it's easy to create gorgeous lips with the stroke of a brush or even with an index finger. Available in:
Chanteuse~ A rich yet wearable merlot
Ingenue~ A hypnotique nude that is a perfect pout highlight
Devotee~ A crushed berry plum
Sweet Talker~ A candy pink
Hot Shot ~ An "almost red"~ striking yet subdued
Bona Fide~ A richer warm nude

Each has advanced hi-def light reflecting particles to create the effect of healthy hydrated lips. Always paraben & petroleum free!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heirloom Valentine Collections!

Two new Collections by Spell Cosmetics, The Heirloom Valentine sets come specially packaged for gift giving!
The palette for these collections is reminiscent to nostalgic tones and textures from bygone eras.

The Gloss Trio contains 3 new selections including: Heirloom, Nostalgic, & Locket~ delicately pigmented with soft pink & metallic tones.

The Shadow Trio contains the following shadows: Faint, Corset & Echoes.

Stop by the to read full descriptions!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Today Only Special~

In celebration of the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Spell Cosmetics is including a complimentary Candelight Glow Blush with any purchase of Harmony Foundation.
Harmony is built upon the synergy of blending warm & cool tones to achieve the perfect unity for any face. It has the ability to neutralize any uneven tones while creating a smooth balanced canvas. Never chalky, non-drying, hypo-allergenic, fragrance/dye free, paraben/bismuth/paraben free.
Candlelight Glow is a soft finish illumintor/blush that can be used all over, or to create luminous highlights to cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, collar bones, just to name a few! Recently discontinued, this is a great chance to pick up the last of our remaining stock!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Say Good-bye to our Obvious Glosses, Hello to whole new line-up!

20 Glosses, named after 20 guru greats! As many of you know, Spell Cosmetics launched it's Obvious Gloss line by naming each shade after our first 20 clients & YouTube subscribers. At that time, everyone was a "fledgeling" guru, making fantastic & fun videos sharing their love for make-up, and Spell was just begining to get off the ground as well. I LOVE seeing how much everyone has grown!

We will be retiring this line on Friday so that we can introduce 3 dynamic new ranges of lip colour! Each shade has been marked down, so stock up on your favorites!

We are still negotiating to make Spell Cosmetics available through "brick and mortar" stores, and can't wait to release our new lip selections on Saturday!

I would personally like to thank each person that inspired these glosses: Rae, Nat, Raine, Danielle, Kimmy, Cathy, Summer, Jacque, Nikki, Mari, Shawna, Holly, Laurel, Elise, Luciana, Haley, Pamela, Melissa, Annie, and Jo! You ladies are beautiful and I adore you all!