Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monthly Thank you! Feature!

Thank you Rae!! Rae4osu on youtube. Rae, regan. We all know her! She is that famous youtube/twitter/blog cosmetic guru that just brings a bit of fun, laughter and all around great time to all that know her. This month our feature is Regan. We are so very proud to have her as our friend. Now, why her as the feature? Well, most don't know it but Rae was our very first contact years ago through Spell. She was our very first Youtube subscriber and supporter.
Its been years now and she has never left our side. Always to to comment on our video's, always to re-twitter our sales and specials. But most of all--Rae has been our friend. That means more to us than anything else and we would never forget! So, thank you Regan, just for being our friend. This month is yours! Go visit her sites on Youtube, Twitter and her blog--You could never be disappointed!!
All our love, Elle and Gemma