Friday, September 25, 2009

Spell Look #5, Model: Ingrid

To create the look for this swimwear/beach shoot, on Model Ingrid, our palette included neutral selections that create a sultry definition to the face while balancing natural lighting.

Eyes: The top lash line was lined with BLACK & WET & SET MIXING MEDIUM. Then, LATTE was used from the lashes up into the brow bone with a large eye fluff brush, and under the lower lashes with a small dome brush. This created a "slip" for MOCHA DARK in the outer v & crease, making blending much easier. MOCHA DARK was worked into the lower lash line from the center point of the eye outward.

Face: HARMONY FOUNDATION in RICH was used to even the complexion, followed with SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in NEUTRAL for facial contouring & under the cheek bones. GODDESS GLOW was used for soft illumination down the bridge of the nose and along the tops of the cheek bones .

Lips: Ingrid's lip colour was custom created with a special lip palette I use on photoshoots. Now, for a limited time, we are giving the PERFECTLY NAKED LIP PALETTE as a FREE GIFT with any order over $30! This 5 well full sized palette is designed for customizing a perfect neutral lip! Each colour has a unique finish & colour payoff, created with natural, petro-free bases.

Photo copyright of DSW Photography

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spell Look #4, Model: Trinity Skye

In this runway look, we've incorporated the colours of Model Trinity Skye's Johnathan Kayne gown. Our Laura Christopher Heat Wave Day was the perfect choice for echoing the teal dupioni fabric, while incorporating the glowing effect of the crystal embellishments.

Eyes: Working the inner corners of the eye with RISING SUN, outward to the middle of the eye, we've switched into SALT WATER, framing the eyes from the top and bottom. We've used WHITE HOT to illuminate the interior section of the brow bone, but gave this an extra jolt of vibrancy by using HOLOGLOW shadow in HALO.

Face: We've evened out Trinity's skin tone with HARMONY FOUNDATION in MEDIUM, and used a subdued blush in TOASTED COCONUT to balance the finished look

Lips: From the HEAT WAVE DAY collection, we have used CORAL SUN.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spell Look #3, Model: Rotana

To create this look, we've used a monochromatic palette of Spell Cosmetics purples.
Eyes: The brows were strengthened with MOCHA DARK, and Wet & Set Mixing Medium so they could be "painted" with an angle brush. To create a metallic finish, WISTERIA was used generously from the inner upper lash line, sweeping the lid up into the arch of the brow area & outer V. Continue with Wisteria beneath the lower lashes connecting to the upper section. PASSION was used over this, to create depth in the crease. Highlighting effects in the inner corners was done with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT. The inner section of the bridge of the nose was accentuated with PASSION.
Face: Rotana's richer complexion was neutralized and made paler with the use of HARMONY FOUNDATION in PORCELIN.
SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in COOL was used beneath the cheekbones, highlighted with SOFT FOCUS BLUSH in ORCHID.
Lips: We've "cocktailed" our products to create this lip by using: NIKKICHICK GLOSS, dusted with HOLOGLOW SHADOW in BLACKLIGHT.
Photo copyright of Carol Pham.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spell Look #2, Model: Tina Grimm

From the Cleveland Women's Fashion Show, Model Tina Grimm.
This Old Hollywood glamour look was created with the following Spell Cosmetics products:
Eyes: Champagne was swept across the entire eye area, and used under the lower lash line. Driftwood created a neutral crease, extend throught the outer V area. We used Black & Wet & Set mixing medium to create an elegant from along the upper lash line.
Face: Harmony Foundation in Delicate, Soft Focus Blush in Warm in the hollows of the cheeks, illuminated with Goddess Glow on the tops of the cheekbones & collarbones.
Lips: Caliente' Baciare Lip Creme with Smitten Kitten Gloss over the top.
All products used are available at:
Dress by Johnathan Kayne

Monday, September 21, 2009

Spell Look #1, Model: Ciarra

From backstage at the Cleveland Women's Show, Model Ciarra wearing Spell Cosmetics.
Eyes: The lid was created with Vexed from the ReLoaded Collection, softly blended into the crease. From the inner upper corner into the brow bone, Hologlow Embers is our highlight colour. Under the lower lash line, Latte was used to create a soft open eyed look.
Face: Harmony Foundation in Sable was used to even skintone, followed by Soft Focus Neutral Blush under the cheekbone, highlighted with Goddess Glow.
Lips: We've created a soft sheen with Zinfandel Baciare Lip Creme
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