Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Spell Cosmetics?

One of the things that sets Spell Cosmetics apart from fly-by-night companies that have decided to "make make-up", is that we care about what chemicals we are all exposed to. Studies have shown that bio-accumlation of unhealthy chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, talc, & bismuth oxychloride are known hormone disrupters, respiratory hazards, and the subject of ongoing scrutiny. While the FDA is okay with the use of some of these ingredients, Spell Cosmetics has chosen to avoid using them in their formulations.

As a make-up artist & stylist, Elle, the founder/CEO of Spell Cosmetics has been exposed to a much higher than usual rate to unpleasant chemicals. Having worked with over 40,00 people in her 20 year career, it's frightening to consider the rate of exposure via breathing air-borne dust and absorbing it through the skin.

In an article in Live Well Magazine, Elle is quoted as saying, "I wanted to find out: Does it compromise the integrity of the product to create fabulous color that yields a desirable effect for the skin without the inclusion of controversial ingredients?" The answer she found out, is no.

Spell Cosmetics was created as an extension of how Elle uses colour & texture on clients and models~ from real-life, to runway to photography. Her portfolio is unique, diverse & extensive.

We know that there are countless companies to choose from for cosmetics, but Spell Cosmetics is "Cosmetics with a Conscience".

The following article explains more about parabens, and the Precautionary Principle which Spell Cosmetics abides by.