Friday, March 20, 2009

VIP Friends and Family!

Thank you all for coninuing to enjoy some of the games, giveaways, and prizes. We really do hope you are just having fun! We know we are doing that as well!
So here's the next little fun one to last through the sale weekend! For all of you VIP holders, we have opened the codes to transfer. Meaning, your friends, collegues, and family can use your code all year long!
Here's the catch... In order to avoid fraudulent issues, they must place your VIP number in the special instructions along with YOUR first name, this weekend! Obviousely they will want to use the sale code BUT the VIP will last for them. So email away your code! Have fun, Oh, BTW--On Sunday Night, whoever has the most friends with YOUR Code and name from the weekend, You will receive the entire ALL 40 Kit,the Spring Trio and The Laura Christopher Radiance Collection!
More Contests to come tonight!


Dorothy said...

I wonder...what's an all 40 kit?

Spell Cosmetics said...


The All 40 Kit is 40 of our Full Size Shadows in a 2 Box set!

pnchamilton said...

i have posted my code on youtub. my blog and twitter i hope it pays off!