Friday, December 12, 2008

Straight Talk!! and Spell Secrets!

Here's your glimpse, and we will post these every so often to keep people updated, answer questions that we receive a lto and try to give you some inside scoop on Spell. Let's begin with our Straight up "Thank you" to our customers, who have literally become our friends. Know this, we DO NOT exist without you (See later as to how this applies). So here we are this cosmetics company that hits the scene in 2007 and fires up the charts!!
#1: You are nothing without your customers: We aren't and we won't forget that--EVER!. Now, its so cliche' but we have stuck to this, we have committed to our customers and have kept in step. Customer Service is the mainstay of a company--add in that the majority of our shoppers are online and you know you have to step up another level. Many people hesitate--BIG TIME--shopping online--even we do!!! But, if you can show that you are capable of making it an even better experience than at the counter---+1 for you! Thats what we attempt to do each day! So, lets give up a few of our secrets and dicsclosures!
1. Yes, We work 7 days a week! When we are not filling the orders, we are building what we call "Backstock" Our main issue at Spell is to be able to always anticipate orders. With a cosmetics business like ours, you need to spend well in advance of the purchase! So, we build--daily-- This assists us in getting these orders out immediately!
2. Yes, we giveaway products!: Who wouldn't?? We get a ton of critical emails saying "Spell gives away products for reviews" First, we've never charged for those, NOT even shipping! Second, If you know you have a good product-you want it out there. Third: One of us has been in marketing for many years, Uh...don't you want your product on the market??? Finally: We can do what we please..We are the owners!! If we want to give out product--so what.. Its our decision to keep shaking the industry up!!!
3. Orders: Do we ever have issues (Broken items, missing items, wrong items??--YES! Humans do that--especially during crazy times--But when we do--We solve it and usually with some added gift or bonus. The customer didn't do anything wrong, but its on us to make it right. We will go well out of our way to make every sale pleasureable (Sp?)
4. Shipping: We ship as fast as we can. NO, we don't charge for shipping and believ it or not, the rule at Spell is that if the order totals $20.00--it automatically goes 2 day priority. Look at your box--We don't hide the shipping rate! We beleive that right now, most people are paying for product in irritating ecoonomy, really, the last thing we need is to add the extra burden. We can;t say how long we will continue Free Shipping but for now, it stands!
5. Our plans: Well, our number one plan is to put Spell in a psoition to become customer owned! Yes, it is not a traditional business model, but most of you ahve seen us begin that trend. We advise, request and nearly beg for input, from naming to opinions to what products we love and which we hate. Every single individual that has ever written Spell with an opinion, well, we noted it and we use it to become better. The more we can get involved the better!
6. Our Goals: Our 3 year goal from 2007 (So 2010) is to have a popular sales team of 10 people --fully payrolled, 5 Creative team members, and 3 more shipping/receving individuals (Warehouse & production). We are building this team now, and are looking daily for those that simply desire to be involved. Spell is a Full time career for both Elle and I. We don't have other jobs and focus our attention on our people.
So in closing today. We want you to be with us and stay with us. We will do whatever we can to be good people to all of you and give back as we can. All we ever ask is for the honest opinions and creative advice you give, we will NOT let you down!!
Our Love to you! Elle and Gemma


Sarah said...

You guys never cease to amaze me.
You are unlike any other company I have ever seen or met.
I haven't actually bought anything from you yet but I have been sent goodies from Spell from other lovely friends and loved everything I've gotten.
LOL and hey the economy is pretty bad right now so I don't feel guilty for saying this.
;) If you ever need a Pacific NW sales person who travels all over the NW ;)
Can't wait to see all the new things Spell has to offer!
Anyways thanks you two! :)

The Paraben Free Princess said...

Great as always!