Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok, we'll release them!!!

The 5 new colors have been in reserve for quite some time as we sampled and tested them. Its obvious--they are loved!! All of you who order the "All 40 kit" already received these but now they are available in the online store--individually as well as an introductory kit price of $20.00 for all 5!! Delve--A darker tone green, Storm Cloud--A Runway trend Grey!---Scene--A club an 80's inspired mix of Hot Pinks, Pinks, Silvers, Vigin--A step of from White! and finally---The new number one requested--"Purple Daze"--- Grey with the coolest undertones of purple to creat a fantastic unique look!
Visit them! and thank you for the input--We do listen!


LePooke said...

Grey (gray) whatever, is seriously my fave color right now, LOL!

Sarah said...

These look so pretty!