Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Product..............s!

Yes, we did!!! We launched the lip plumper!. After of few days of having our of our Youtube friends and fans submit names--We finally had a winner "Vamp Up" by Spell. Same soothing, non tacky, unscented base as our much loved glosses BUT with the added benefits of a couple new ingredients--Yes, Still Paraben Free!! Hyaluronic acid and GHK! Skin soothing and plumping properties!

In addition, we have added the six new lipglosses to our collection and between now and January 1st you may purchase all six together at a discount. Rockin new colours!!!

Whats coming next? We'll were going to blog on the "Behind the scenes" a bit at Spell---our beliefs, marketing strategies, growth over the past two years and why we think by the end of 2009 we will be a highly ranked cosmetics company, that means we can continue to hire and build!

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Sarah said...

Do you guys ever sleep?!
I love the name! :)