Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We've received a lot of emails lately regarding the products we produce, especially regarding Parabens and Phthalates. So today we will dedicate a blog to the researchers, charities, and people out there advancing the cause.
When Spell was created, there was an inherent struggle and to be frank -temptation- to take an easier production path with the cosmetics line. As many of you know, this has been an industry that Elle has been in for 18 years, her range of knowledge and familiarity with product is obviousely something I personally admire. From a corporate standpoint, we faced a decision to create product on an easy path or to take the necessary time and investment to produce product that would not only be beautiful, but be healthy.
Our research regarding Parabens and Phthalates led us to the decision to formulate with the latter, taking the time and effort to produce our line. Yes, it took much longer and the urge to launch early was difficult to abate. But, instead of taking the easier, less costly road, we chose to focus on longer term benefits to our buying public. Make no mistake, we used to use products ourselves, at home, that did contain the recently researched additives, we did not give the necessary thought to even self protection, until we entered the stream of providing OTHERS with something we created, there-in lay our concerns.
Today, we are proud of ourselves and of others who take an active role in doing their part to help--We are by no means in a celebrity position to make a huge impact yet--But with each new order, we do our part today-and will continue to do so.
So we ask that if you are someone that has moved on from Spell or for some reason weren't completely satisfied (and we know we cannot please everyone), then take a look at some of the others out there that support the similar causes. We would rather lose an order to someone who decides to make a donation to a special cause, then focus on pure profit. We are by no means "heroes", or seeking a fame, we are simply owners of our own company that as we grow can help make a tiny difference.