Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm a "Spell Girl" Kit

During the past week we have placed quite a focus on defining our "Trend line". With any company, identifying your customer base is important. Its important for product creativity, marketing and geographic focus. But, we have run into a small hitch during our initial analysis. We have discovered that we don't have a dominant age group of buyers, and we don't have a specific "Hot" geographic area. We do know that we have repeat and satisfied customers and we do know that we have a lot of new "healthy" buyers.
So in an effort to continue that focus we have decided to take a chance and release a kit for those first time buyers. Whether you be a younger girl just entering the cosmetics world, a "seasoned veteran" seeking the look without the chemicals-This may be the kit for you. Individually we retail this for about $90.00 but we releasing it at $39.00 Readers want to know what they get! What you do not get are sample sizes, you do not get pre-assembled colors. You get to choose. A 3 shadows collection, foundation, Wet and Set, Liner, Blush, lipstick and lip gloss. PLUS a VIP Card. Everything you need to get started and get started healthy! We have committed to that and since we will be here--maybe its the only cosmetics company you'll have to shop with again. Of course the kit comes in a packaged box with what we call the "bow to show" support for the fight! So check it out in the store---Drop us a line with questions and as always--Thank you!!


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I love it. I hope it'll still be around until Christmas. On my wishlist so the husband can buy it!