Monday, October 27, 2008

Why the Spell Shadows? Trade Secrets?

Today was the beginning of a look toward that holiday rush. We all know its coming and we are preparing for the big sales. This week, for a limited time, we have discounted a shadow kit. Its the "All 40" Kit and we made 40 of them, appropriately to sell. Here's the best: Your only paying $2.00 for each 5 gram container and if your VIP--then only $1.50. These retail for $8.00 each. Now why?? Well, we use better than average product and we have developed a secret to building healthy, longlasting and perfect colors. (No, we can't give that away!) But what we can say is that our shadows will last, they will be the best colors and if you've seen the reviews on them-You will get quality and packed jars.
So whats in them? Well, we use NO fillers (ie. Talc, Cornstarch, Rice Powder) We use NO Parabens! What we do use is Magnesium Stearate(Adhesion/texture), Sericite Mica (Freeflow and non clumping properties), Titanium dioxide (Pigment carrier), Kaolin Clay (Maintains Oil control--Non Drying) and Iron oxides. Its all minerals! Refining, purchasing quality individual products and building perfect colors that won't need applied every hour, Well, thats why Spell! But don't listen to us, ask around, watch the youtube videos and satisfied customers.! Be Healthy-Especially near your most precious gift,Your Eyes!! And GET Paraben Free, without sacraficing quality. (we almost sounded like a commercial here but it was fun)!
Thanks everyone!, now go shop!

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LePooke said...

OMG no you didnt...LOL! Why oh Why did i get a ticket? $1.50 an eyeshadow? all 40! this is probably the best deal ever and i love a good deal! Gosh darn it i can't take advantage of it! LOL. the 40 that get the kit are going to be very lucky!