Friday, November 7, 2008

You demanded! We provided (Gloss, gloss, gloss!)

We know how much these have caught on as the new trend! So feel free to have at them! We have added this kit for a major gloss discount!
Our Glosses sell for $7.99 Each. Now, you can get them for $5.00 each!!!


Summer said...

Just when I honestly think i can't attempt to know that you won't pull another rabbit out of your hat, THERE YOU GO AGAIN! These incredible glosses are a steal at $5 a pop! I truly love each and every one of them. So temptingly beautiful, so saturated with color and moisture. They are the essence of perfect in my book. Bravo! On another successful inspiration for those who haven't tried the Obvious lip glosses and for those of us who utterly LOVE them! Love Summer xoxo

Mimy and Vicky said...


The Paraben Free Princess said...

That does it. Time for me to take a second job. Too much goodness!