Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"With all my Heart" Launches!!!

If there was one topic/product that we've had certainly a lot of feedback about--Its was this one! About a month ago, we sampled the premise of providing cosmetic gift kits that could be personalized, fun and express mailed to someone. With some of the sites out there offerring flowers by mail, chocolate by mail, even wine by mail, we knew we had to get working on this. So, Instead of this Friday, we launched it today! Currently, you can choose from any of (8) kits and start shipping them immediately. Check out the store under "With all my Heart" for all of the details. Add your own personalized message and start having fun!!! Oh, the best part!!! Ladies, tell your men to study these like a college course, because now THEY can buy for you!!!! (Just click the Photo to start!!)

1 comment:

Bionic Beauty said...

These are going to be on my gift list for friends and family this year! So easy. Just pick n' ship. :) I love no brainer gifts like that. Thanks Spell!