Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We've upset the Balance!!!

Spell Cosmetics,

Well, Now we've done it! Either Spell Cosmetics has arrived on the scene or we have upset a balance within the cosmetics industry! Within the past couple of days we received an email from someone within one of the "major" players in the cosmetics industry. Upon first glance we suspected that we were being noticed, being recognized. Well, definitely not the case. Our "marketing" individual was only there to let us know that they were going to put us to the test regarding Spell and our line. I'm usually prone to the phrase that any news is good news but I'm not sure this time. Our excitement on that email--from the major name--certainly quickly tempered with despair. For obvious reasons, we can't say the name BUT what we can do is respond back--which we did--believe me!!.lol So since we link our blog in our emails, let them be sure to read this. Know that we will not be pushed around!. Know that our customer service will beat yours EVERY TIME- Because you have forgotten where you came from. Know that we will not be adding the same chemicals to our products as you do. Know that we are PROUD to provide quality, and to request input from our consumers, and finally, know that we will pass you up and not look back as your customers become ours!!! Its the nature of capitalism and we deserve the opportunity to prove ourselves as much as anyone else! So we will continue our contests/draawings, we will continue our FREE giveaways and we will continue to be humbled by each order--we ever receive--Simply, we will not forget where we came from and we will call upon our customers to point it out if we ever do!!!!

So to those that have shopped with Spell, you will receive our gratitude, service and hearts--we aren't afraid to put it out there. For those of you considering shopping with Spell, know that every order of yours is and will always be something personal. We've invested everything we have in Spell, and know that we will always be grateful to what we have accomplished and have YET to accomplish!


Summer said...

OH MY! I honestly had to give my complete passionate opinion on this one... check out my blog. and the other makeup company, you really do have something to worry about..:)

The Paraben Free Princess said...

Bring it! LOL.

annie said...

i love spell!!! bring it on...hugs,annie xxxxx

Nat said...

You guys ROCK and you ROCK HARD :) You have upset the big names b/c they know they need to be worried! You don't have to worry about anything other than your products running out b/c you are filling so many orders :)

Knock their socks off! Let them test you and they will come out of it defeated, retreating like a dog with their tails between their legs!

wubearkitten said...