Saturday, October 18, 2008

8 New Gift Kits Released TODAY!

Well, there we go again!! So, its becoming that season, and this year Spell is going to have a ton of gift collections for you and for the Holiday! Today, we are introducing just 8 new kits. Each of these kits are Paraben/Phthalate FREE , of course.. But we've gone the extra step to create the Candle as Phthalate Free as well. Get This.... It has the same scent as the lotions and Bath beads. Check out the individual kits in the store at under Gift Kits, each has something different and something fun! We've made them completely affordable for you and feel free to have us ship them to a friend or relative--just to let them know you were thinking of them.


Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup said...

You guys this is just in time for the holidays and I have Family bithdays coming up.
P.S thanks for stopping by my blog

Meaghan said...

Wanted to let you know about my Giveaway! I just opened an online coffee shop and to celebrate we are giving away a 1lb bag of coffee every Friday for the month of October!

To enter visit:

If you want to a chance to win $$ for the Cancer Charity of your choice for an entire year go to:

Thanks so much!


LePooke said...

OMG, i was so shocked when i saw all of them on the site! How do i choose?

Summer said...

I have to say, you've topped yourselves AGAIN! The "Baby Powder" kit is fabulous of course! Its not that baby butt kinda smell, but something so romantic and sexy all at the same time. These are going to make excellent gifts for the holidays or any occasion :)
Summer xoxo