Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Moonlit Garden Collection by Spell Cosmetics!

The light of the silvery moon dances with dew drops of soft, shimmery colour by Spell Cosmetics. Debuting as a 5 piece collection, this cool toned palette creates mystery with: Gazing Globe, a soft stroke of cool illumination radiating blue/violet duchrome; Lavender Lemonade is a complicated blend of lavender luster that is equally balanced with golden glow ; Delphinium Dew is richly saturated with richer-than-periwinkle vibrancy. Silvered Sage takes neutral away from browns & into metallic moss tones. Balance out the look with Fiore di Luna (moonflower) Obvious Lip Gloss, a creamy shimmer of cooled violets diffused with plum & zinfandel duochrome echos.
Special intro price of $19.99!

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