Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet our new Midwest Director of Marketing & Events, Ms. Viva Valezz!

We are so excited to announce that the 2010 "Columbus' Favorite Burleque Performer", Viva Valezz has come on board with Spell Cosmetics to become our Midwest Director of Marketing & Events!
So by way of introduction, here is a letter from Viva about her philosophy of beauty:
"Burlesque performance is all about appreciating your own femininity, your own unique beauty, learning to love your body no matter what size, representing beauty & grace in every color & lifestyle, and being able to perform because you love sharing your artistic expressions with an audience.
I have been performing & teaching dance in the Midwest for a decade, & have performed from coast to coast as well as overseas in Morocco, Northern Africa, from the larger cities to the Sahara Desert. Along the way, I've met thousands of beautiful women.
I began my dance career 10 years ago as a professional belly dancer & instructor which segued into burlesque, which has deep similarities to the Hollywood styles of the 1930's - 50's & Pin-Up culture. My modeling experiences have helped me appreciate the world of make-up more than I ever did over the years.
I have 25 years experience as a business leader & manager within the fashion industry, and have a Master's Degree in Communications.
EVERY woman is beautiful. Every woman, every person has the capacity to show the world their true beauty. If I can ever contribute to making even 1 person recognize their true beauty, I've been blessed" ... Viva Valezz
We will be working on making Spell Cosmetics available through "Brick & Morter" stores, as well as continuing to add new events to our calender. Follow Viva on Twitter at: or add her to your friends on Facebook!
xoxo~ elle