Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Kitchen Nightmare!"

So, for any of you who may know. There is a show out with Chef Gordon Ramsey called "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares". The concept of the show for those who don't know, is that he enters an existing restaurant and re vamps, reworks the entire structure. Its a cleaning house and starting over show. The focus is to turn the place profitable, trendy, workable.

Well it was decided that Spell was about to have someone come and do the same, as we needed it!! So we are in the process now and things are changing so very fast. So we'll keep everyone updated as to the progress and some of the ideas, changes coming.

Currently, here are some so far!!!!

1. Customer Service: Welcome Ashley... Our new drill seargent of customer service. No more lack of responding and its time to solve the issues immediately-Back to being known as the customer service company after a huge fall off.

2. A new front page to the website!! Trendy, inviting and a layout to make everyone feel like spending their days there. (Coming Soon)

3. New warehouse for Spell!

4. New Sales Girls

5. Finally, a back to the basics approach.. A quote from the show "You have 72 items on the menu, but you only sell 20" Goodbye to the things that don't carry their weight!

So, if you have an opinion as well. Tell us. and YES--you can be mad and let us

Feel free to step in and say "Hey Spell, CHANGE THIS!!!" email

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