Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Liquidation of Spell.....Ends October 10th..

Dear Friends, followers, and ,our most gracious customers:

The time has come for Spell as we've all come to know it to step aside, but yet step up on a different platform. For almost 4 years now, we have been in the cosmetics race bringing a new product line, games, fun, giveaways and yes..even mistakes and screw ups to all of you. So much has changed in our world and often it seems that even those "good ole" days of Youtube have turned into something different. So we say GOODBYE to Spell as it has been and we elevate to our new endeavor.

We have been so proud of so many of you who have come to our doorstep to create Private label colors and formulas for your stores. Yes, it is true, we are proud that many of you will end up with our formulations by shopping in other Etsy, Ebay and online stores!! and we can't say whos..

But now we become something new and as of October 10th, we will only be providing our color formulas in bulk, and continuing to create colors for others.. In the meantime, all of those components, all of the jars, and all of those colors on the shelf must go..

So go visit us now and stock up on what is currently available, and most of it on the site is all $5.00. Be patient with us now as shipping times can be up to a week, but we will get them all out. In the meantime, we will spend these next two weeks wrapping up lose ends in customer service and preparing to provide any of you who want to come back to purchase our colors to sell for yourselves an oppotunity to do so, with no minimum order amounts in the future.

We are proud of what we achieved, we are proud that we created it ourselves, and as a side note, we are proud of you Elle, for taking this company to where it has become. Your color creations, your visual talent is what put Spell on the map.

To all of our friends, our customers, never doubt that our gracious thank you is offerred. Continue to follow us...and continue to think of us when you make your next cosmetics purchase..look just never know if thats us in that little jar....:)

All our love.


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Kathleen said...

I love you guys!!! I just put in an order!!! sad to see this all go :(

Sheena said...

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