Sunday, January 17, 2010

Say Good-bye to our Obvious Glosses, Hello to whole new line-up!

20 Glosses, named after 20 guru greats! As many of you know, Spell Cosmetics launched it's Obvious Gloss line by naming each shade after our first 20 clients & YouTube subscribers. At that time, everyone was a "fledgeling" guru, making fantastic & fun videos sharing their love for make-up, and Spell was just begining to get off the ground as well. I LOVE seeing how much everyone has grown!

We will be retiring this line on Friday so that we can introduce 3 dynamic new ranges of lip colour! Each shade has been marked down, so stock up on your favorites!

We are still negotiating to make Spell Cosmetics available through "brick and mortar" stores, and can't wait to release our new lip selections on Saturday!

I would personally like to thank each person that inspired these glosses: Rae, Nat, Raine, Danielle, Kimmy, Cathy, Summer, Jacque, Nikki, Mari, Shawna, Holly, Laurel, Elise, Luciana, Haley, Pamela, Melissa, Annie, and Jo! You ladies are beautiful and I adore you all!


1 comment:

LePooke said...

Its been a lot of fun to be one of the "obvious" girls hehe and so sweet of you to have included all of us into your line for the past couple of years =)

Thank you!

Im really excited to see what you have in store for us next =)