Monday, March 15, 2010

Tell Spell!

We always strive to be the company that makes you feel like we care what you think. We have had our trials and tribulations as all companies do, but we never forget the philosophy of why we exist.

It's our goal to provide our clients with cosmetics that are a good value, free of harmful ingredients, and products that actually do what we say they will. We back it up by posting our work on models from photoshoots and events. We try to keep things fun so that you feel like you're getting a good value for your hard earned money. We try to be charitable, because we're a company that feels it's important to give back.

Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes things fall through the cracks. We always try to make it right.

So Tell Spell (Elle!)~ follow this link and fill out our survey!


tousledkitten said...

Hey Elle,

I was looking forward to hearing from you further about the group of people that were set up for email feedback / review of Spell. Has that idea been dropped?

Spell Cosmetics said...

I've been so tied up that I haven't been able to reinstate that email feedback program. After the Pinned-Up event, I will find away to get that going! Thank you for asking!