Monday, November 8, 2010


After wrapping up the liquidation sale and re-building for wholesale and private label, we have now re-emerged with some unique and exciting offers.
All of the questionaiires, comments and planning have found their way into the details of how we are now approaching our customer base. So read below, we think everyone will enjoy not only the uniqueness of Spell now, but the savings you can all enjoy.
1. We have as of now re-listed our top shadows on the site (with more coming).
2. All shadows are now 1 FULL OZ. (Fills 6 of the standard 5 gram jars)
3. Our Colors are COMPLETED formulas. (Not Raw Materials) These are sale or use ready.
4. Each 1 Oz package will include 1 FREE -5gram jar and lid to work from.
5. Each 1 Oz package is only $10.00
6. There are no minimum order amounts for wholesale. (Buy as much or as little as you'd like).
This is the brand new wholesale component at Spell. We have strived to make it affordable, and profitable for anyone desiring to re-package and sell. There is no requirement to mix or add components to the colors.
For those who are just seeking colors for personal use, it is an extremely cost effective way to receive a large quantity of color that will last, or give some away as gifts, contests etc!!
More to come, but feel free to start shopping the current colors available in the store.

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